Undo deleted frames

A3 Pony 11 months ago • updated by shuzhan yang 11 months ago 1

so today was very stressful for all of us ( for me and mom mostly).  My problem was that I was about to finish an animation  but then I deleted   The  wrong  frames  honestly stressed me out and I started crying  and shrieking   apparently mom and dad came and told me to write this so yeah if I could just hit a undo button  things would be so much easier I would not be stressed or have a bellyache  I would  be nice and calm  not shrieking so loudly . Either way I’m going to  have my cereal now . And it is one my favorites. Anyways bye !

Yeah , I understand you. Yesterday I accidentally deleted some frames and realized could not get them back. The point is,without a timeline or something,it is difficult to locate my frame only by recognizing thumbnails at the bottom.