Ads for android for audio feature free but none for iOS. Why is that?

Pastelixx 11 months ago in iOS • updated by shuzhan yang 11 months ago 1

this is really unfair in my opinion. My sister had a tablet with Flipaclip app on it. I tried it out since I hadn’t had the update on my iOS phone. What I noticed was to use your OWN audio, u can just watch an ad and Pow! U get to use one audio. I really disliked how they didn’t have the same thing for iOS. It really bothered me because I use iOS because it’s easier for me to animate on here, without lags and bugs. But for iOS, you don’t get any ads. It just goes to purchases saying “u have to buy this”. Can you guys fix this?

Well ,android users would never pay for apps,as they can always find cracked version ,and that’s why ios apps are more developed and powerful.