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It won't let me make a movie!

Wolfie Lizzie Moon 9 months ago • updated by lol wut 4 months ago 14

please fix! After the update it won't let me make a movie! Please help!

Thank you!

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Hello, could you let us know exactly why you can't make a movie? Do you see an error?

^^^^^ I dont think its from the update, but it just wont let me make it into a movie 

I'm having the same problem can't print any movies


This is happening to me as well.

I recently finished a project, so I went to make it into a movie, and the button wasn't even there? It didn't let me make it into one.

I'm on a Chromebook, and this has never happened.

I'm not sure what happened?

Update : my sis helped me out. I use a chromebook and she said to try to minimize then maximize the page

same im on chromebook and i dont have the button either it just says the name and choose format

okay it started working for me when the valentines event started

it's not working for me either,,, same problem

I had to minimize the screen. When you minimize it, the button shows up, so you can click it and make a movie out of the animation!

for me it deleted every project and won’t let me make a new one it’s says having problem making save changes e-215