Can I use premium if a family member purchased premium?

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On iOS we’re iCloud Family sharing, a family member already purchased premium on her iPad, can I use premium on my iPad? If so, how I can upgrade on my iPad?



Please note that Family accounts don't support in-app purchase sharing so you will need to be logged in the original purchaser account.

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I also just bought all premium features for my daughters (10yo) and can’t seem to turn them on for their devices either. Had to buy it on my device as apps can’t be purchased on theirs. 

Solutions to get family sharing to work?


Please note that Family accounts don't support in-app purchase sharing so you will need to be logged in the original purchaser account.


They have their own apple id so that is not going to work. Is thier anyway to buy this app outright other then in-app? If not you are saying that the premium version of this app does not support family sharing and i will need to make the in app purchase on her account and request my money back for the premium purchase i made on my apple id, correct?



That is correct, the only way to buy premium at this moment is to buy it as an in-app purchase, so you will need to buy it from your daughter's account.


I'm in a similar situation except both my daughter and I use Flip-A-Clip on our separate iPads. ATM, we're using family sharing with my account being the primary.

We both want to use the premium version and I will gladly buy a separate premium license for my daughter to use but I'm not sure how to go about this or if it's even possible. 

Some considerations: 

Do we need to remove the app from my daughter's iPad and then re-download it with family sharing disabled? Will that allow us to purchase a new premium license on this iPad?

Will deleting the app mean she will lose all her work done with the existing shared copy? If so, what can we do to preserve the data and import it to her purchased license?

A clear step-by-step explanation would awesome.

Thanks in advance for any helpful information. 

Ok, we solved it! I tried a bunch of different things but I think the following description of what we did is more or less accurate:

First, I had to disable Purchase Sharing. It wasn't necessary to disable family sharing or remove my daughter from family sharing. Nor was it necessary to remove FlipaClip from my daughter's iPad and redownload it. 

Next, we tried to purchase Premium on her iPad but we still got the error about not being able to connect to iTunes. Then I read somewhere that this might happen if there is an iOS update waiting. I checked and, sure enough, there was. So we installed the update.

After the update was downloaded and installed, we tried again. The iPad asked for a fingerprint verification, which of course was set for my daughter. I tried anyway and, even though I had the password and entered it manually, for some reason the purchase wouldn't go through.

So then I asked my daughter to use her fingerprint to unlock the verification. This took us another step closer: I got the notification on my iPad that she wanted to make a purchase. I okayed it and she finally got Premium on her iPad!

Last, I re-enabled Purchase Sharing on my iPad. Now we both have access to FlipaClip with Premium enabled.

Geez...why does this have to be so complicated? :)

Anyway, all is good now. If anybody else runs into this issue, I hope this post is helpful.