Add Particle Simulation effects

Nate 1 year ago 0

A simple particle effects simulator that uses a drawn stroke to animate a specific selection inside of a starting frame.

It would make simulation of things like smoke, moving rocks, a spaceship explosion, an army of orcs, or even a gaggle of little crazy faries into a smooth, automatic process.  It takes minutes to complete, saving days of animation time

  • Output the re-drawn particles to a layer
  • Automatically generate the new frames based on an elapsed time given by the animator
  • Allow the animator to draw particles and then automatically animate their overall trajectory based on a set of strokes that they can easily draw the path for using a path tool
  • Animate the schema of multiple types of particles and give them their own loops
  • Mix particles types randomly or allow the animator to draw the starting areas for each type of particle

I must say I am very impressed by your current work.  Keep it up.