Bought premium featutes on android but don’t have them on iphone

LEA LEA (Greyhoundlover1) 2 years ago in iOS 0

So, I had an android phone for a while, and had also had FlipaClip for a while, so I decided it was time to get the premium features. Once I did, I was so Happy and never wanted to go back to FlipaClip without the premium features as the premium features made FlipaClip so much better and more fun. Sadly though, when I got an iPhone because I broke my android phone to the point of no return, the premium features wevren’t working. I tried restore purchases, but that didn’t work. I’m wondering if there is really no way for me to get what I bought on FlipaClip back, or if somehow I can get everything back. I would really hate to have to wait until I have an android again since that seems like it won’t happen for another year or so.