Certain Audio Won't Play

IanJTurner 2 года назад в Android / Beta обновлен Rochelle 1 год назад 2

I've been importing WAV files, exported from Cubase, into FlipaClip and have on a couple of occasions come across a file that will not play, despite the Cubase export settings being identical to all the other files that play perfectly. These non-playing files are not corrupt and will play back fine on all other media. They seem to have a small exclamation mark added to the filename when converted into FlipaClip, as in the screenshot below.  Even converting the file to m4a prior to importing doesn't help.

I'm just curious as to why FlipaClip seems to take against random audio files now and again.

I think I solved this one! :-)

It seems you have to be careful actually to drag and drop the sound file into the project.  If you click and let go too soon, the sound file does drop into the project, but does not play.

I don’t get what you mean by drag and drop. All I’m able to do is select a file.

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