Remarks on the new update

duanra 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 8

first off, congrat on the new update ! Great improvement on readback of animation, it now works like a charm ! Nice to be able to zoom out !

now of course i have some remarks :-)

you changed the color of the numbers which tell you the width of the lines. It is now black against a dark gray background, it makes it hard to read for my old eyes !

the pen on the left side of the pen window : i could be wrong but it seems to me there were levels of pressure associated to it, not anymore.

with the zoom in and out, it would be nice to know when one is at 100 %. Sometime i just want to export frames one by one, and i am using screen capture for that.
i know with some apps, touching the screen with 3 fingers would reset everything to the normal size.

anyway, the bottom line is, that this app kicks ass !

thank you
Under review
Great feedback. Let me answer your questions.

1. The color of the text is a bug and we will fix that with the next update.
2. Pressure is not supported with touch however, it is support when using a stylus. Are you using a stylus?
3. Right now at the top right corner with really tiny text you can see the zoom level. If you tap that text it resets to 100% zoom to fit. This is kinda hidden and we are already  reworking the design to make it much better. Your ideas are interesting and we will look into them. :)
Cool, thanks ! I didn't notice those number. It actually works beautiful !

As for the stylus, i am using the one of my note pro 12.
so i have levels of pressure with the pencil but not with fine marker, the one on the left side.
i believe it used to be available in the previous version.
Ok, thanks for clarifying that. I'll look into it to see what is going on.
I just checked the the latest release about the pressure issue and everything is working fine. Have you maybe disabled pressure by mistake under FlipaClip settings?
Hello, thanks for the suggestion. I checked again and the pressure works with both the pencil and the brush but doesn't work with both markers.
i checked the setting also, and didn't disable the pressure by mistake.

So pen, brush, and pensil tools have pressure sensitivity while the highlighter doesn't.

The pressure handling was changed on one of the previous updates where the min pressure is just about the set tool size. So if you press harder you will notice the size change. This could be what you are seeing. If that doesn't work we might need to investigate into this further.

so i did more testing. True, the pen still has pressure sensitivity, but it is only noticeable at a big size, so does the brush.
the only tool you could use pressure sentivity whater size you set it is the pencil.
that would be nice to enjoy this feature at all size.

thanks again,