My recommendations

Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 2 years ago updated by ellen16 6 months ago 7

Hi sir Ralph, Good day, I've been using FlipaClip a month ago and the app is great, rated it 5/5 . My recommendations are;

• Add feature insert Pics(jpeg, png, jpg,etc.),

• Add feature insert audio(wav, mp3, ogg, etc.),

•Lip synch or sound monitoring (feature related to add audio),

• Add more layer capacity(is it me or the no. of layers limited is just 7),

• More drawing tools(such as color hex, color mix, smudge paint, writing/pen/pencil texture, etc.)

• Add feature insert text(if to be added, is it possible we choose our desired font style? Same like those fonts on MS Word, well a few of those, the common and popular ones)

• Add feature draw on vids(mp4, mkv, vcl, gif, etc.) Here editing such as adding text or drawing by frame by frame or second-second.

• Is it possible to lessen the RAM usage of FlipaClip while taking a quick preview? My app crashes sometimes.

•Lastly, tutorials such as Tips and Tricks about FPS, background, coloring, layering, to name a few(Vid or readable instructions; this can be in either in-app feature or web browsing on your website)

That's all I can give for now as a feedback on your great work and awesome app. I might give a few more in the future... I guess....

Well anyway, Hope this recommendations helps on your succeeding work on FlipaClip app. Keep it up! Great work. stay strong more power.

How do I add music to my animation


I have a question about being able to use flip a clip on another devise without paying for premium again. Is there a way to do it? Because I would like to use my bigger phone to draw animations and what not but I got it on my smaller phone. Maybe you could add a feature that allows people to make accounts that save their animations and their payments to the app. Thank you for reading this if you do. I feel like this is a common question as well. Hopefully you can fix it as soon as possible. 


Can you add a button where when you delete an animation (on purpose or on accident) you can restore it?

I have a question, how do you add music into your animation without it shutting down? Everytime I try importing music (I have premium features) it goes to the loading animation and it never loads! And if I press the check button it just shuts down on me! I don’t know how I can upload animations if there’s no way to have music in the background. Please can you help me solve this problem?

my flipaclip watermark is still there and I paid for it to get removed

Some of the tools in FlipaClip are oversized even at 0.1. Can i fix that? The other day I was using it and it was fine, but then it was at the same thing the next day, 0.1, and looked like 0.3! Is it just me or is it happening to other people? Oh, by the way, I LIVE THIS FRICKEN APP! I’d rate it 6 stars if I could.

Hi, could you please elaborate a little bit what do you mean by tools in FlipaClip are oversized?

It would be good if you can add some screenshots so we can understand it better :)