Stylus recommendation by passive stylus under budget of 20USD?

monberee 10 months ago 0

Hello all,

Working my way toward paperless and I'm at the point where I'd like to experiment with using my phone for quick handwritten notes while I'm not near a computer instead of defaulting to pen + paper. Looking for recommendations for a budget stylus - this is an experiment for me, so I'm not looking to plunk down $50-$100 on a tool I may not use for more than a few weeks. Preferably something $20 or less.

Also, are used styluses a fairly reliable option? Are styluses generally durable such that a used stylus should be fine, or are they fragile and short-lived?

I imagine I'd mostly be using Android's built-in Handwriting feature, though if there are apps that will provide a better experience while also integrating well with EN, I'm all ears.

My best friend recommended me to buy this stylus by Asin: B00N1BRWLA on Amazon

As I don't hear of it before, I don't know if it is useful to me. 

What do you think ?