Lag During Repeated Pasting

IanJTurner 1 year ago in Android / Beta • updated by Ralph (Support) 1 year ago 1

It may be down to my aging Galaxy Note 10.1, but I find there is a serious lag issue when stepping through frames in order to paste a selection into multiple frames. It's not unusual for FlipaClip to begin to lag for 5-10 seconds each time I try to step forward and paste, after a few frames have been pasted.

If we were able to select multiple frames and then paste a selection into all of those frames simultaneously with a single click, that would make a frequent task much more pleasant.

Are you able to reproduce the issue on your end then trigger a bug report right after so we can check the logs. Also, kindly send us a screen recording of the issue. This would really help our developers determine the root cause of it.