FlipAClip - missing features

Tristratos 1 year ago in iOS updated 1 year ago 1

while waiting for the iOS sound feature to be available for beta testing, I wanted to share two things that I find quite important and are still missing from FlipAClip

1) Gestures


Nowadays, two gestures are almost taken granted by default. The two finger tap-undo and three finger tap-redo are essential to be included into the app.

Forcing the user to click on an icon in the right corner of the screen, instead of letting him use those two finger gestures, is rather limiting

2) Slow down in strokes


One thing that I noticed is that when drawing with the pencil for example, the start of the stroke seems to have hard time following the Apple pencil’s tip. For some reason, once this laggy step passes, the app catches the tip as expected. It is only in new strokes starting stage that the result on screen tries to catch but eventually provides a fast and inaccurate approximation of what the user has drawn.


Should we expect those two features to be added/fixed?


Any chance of those two missing features ?