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FlipaClip for Computer please?

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Can you make Flip-a-clip available for the computer so we can animate as a school program? My Teacher is going to let me do an animating workshop which I will run and teach everyone how to make animations. So can we make it available for the computer?


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Hello! Unfortunately, at the moment as we don't have enough resources to work on a PC or Mac version of FlipaClip. However, it is something we would really love to have.

In the meantime, you can try BlueStacks on your laptop. It is an Android emulator that runs on PC or Macs. We aren't sure how well FlipaClip will work but it's worth a shot for a free animation software! :)

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Thanks for the awesome feedback! :)

We would love to have FlipaClip not just on Android but also on other devices like iOS, OSx and Windows! :) We are a small team but we do have our minds set to expand into other platforms in the near future.
Isn't making a pc program something totally bifferent then making an app? I mean is it possible for you to write a pc program without learning something totally new???💻📱
Most cases you do have to learn a lot of new things to get it into a new platform. What we are trying to do is put all our code into a library and use that library across platforms. This allows technically a slightly faster development effort. However, we don't have the library created yet... :/

Im having some trouble with Blue Stacks I worked really hard on an animation and when I click share and try to upload it to you tube it doesn't work. I signed it like it told me to but it keeps saying check internet connection and try again. I really like the animation I made please help!


please make a chrome os ( chrome book ) one! I've tried really hard to get it but chrome books were not made for anything but data and yes I do have a tablet for flipaclip but I think I broke it o.o because it doesn't charge correctly... but that's not your problem so yea

also I hope you guys are working on audio ( or music ) button it would really help me make music videos

( take your time but please do hurry )


why is my name Anonymous o.o

This app is brilliant. I would LOVE a PC version allowing me to use Intuos pad and stylus for more accurate drawing and enhanced controls. Works great on Android nonetheless. I think it has great potential. Even with the basic functionality folks are doing great things with it. Imagine what a few more features could do.

Hello! This program is great. I was just wondering if there has been any moment on making a Windows version yet? Or maybe a time line of when? Thanks.

Hey, please see my updated answer for this post. Thanks!


Hello Jona,

Thank you for a replay... I would like more of an estimated timeline, but understand you may not have that yet. Can't wait to have it available.

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Well, no ETA, but I have been exploring a port option to create a chrome app of FlipaClip. We've tested but there are some issues with this port. We are waiting on new updates from Chrome porting tools to hopefully resolve this issue. Once that happens FlipaClip would be available via the chrome apps. :)


We have made progress making our FlipaClip app engine cross platform. This means technically moving the app across different OS's should be slightly easier. At the moment we are actively working to bring the app to iOS. The next logical OS will be Windows.


Currently there isn't a PC version. Maybe in the future we will have one. What OS does your PC have? Windows 10?

Please follow this post for any updates on PC version.



when is it coming out then


I keep coming back to this page in the hope that this fantastic product will be available for my windows pc sometime soon... Sounds like things are starting to come together. Any more updates on progress yet?

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Hi there! Currently, we have no PC version yet. Our developers have been testing a porting method but they are having some issues with crashes so at the moment we are focused on iOS new app coming out this summer.


Please make the background can change any time in FlipaClip for example the 1~40 frames are grass then the 50~60 are black then the 70~100 is desert like that.. to be easy to use backgrounds... and please fix the onion skinning for ex: when I colored the whole screen I can see the before draws... like that... that's the only problem in the app and import/exporting the other misc tools to use in flipaclip to have a better use and easy to use..

#PC #Phones any of them will be like that I hope that it can be.. Thanks for cooperation and reading this..


please make a pc version of Flipaclip on pc!


I used a free android emulator to use Flipaclip on my PC and it works great. The Intuos tablet pen is detected and the tablet and pen works with out a glitch or problem.


awesome i will use it because my ipad mini isn't compatible with flipaclip sense the apple appstore doesn't have flipaclip and i draw on computer like a dream

What is the link for the download form for the free android emulator? I'm really desperate

Hi 1kcarlos, which free android emulator do you use to use Flipaclip? Can you provide the name (and link) if possible to the emulator? I'm dying to know!



As of now, the only platform available is android.


I keep coming back to this page Jona. I know you have your hands full with the ios version, but how far away are you from creating a PC version of your brilliant app. A PC version would allow far more accurate drawing with wacom tablet and it would allow a bigger screen to see the detail without having to zoom in. Currently there is nothing as intuitive as flipaclip for the PC.

So how long will it be?


As a stand in, you can use bluestacks (an android emulator) to run flipaclip on pc. However, if you want a pen only mode, I had to do it on wacom's settings. I think it's better on a tablet, though. Drawing directly on the screen is way more natural and flowy for me.

Thanks Pep Step... I am a little wary of bluestacks as it is my only PC and I don't want to wreck anything. I would love to draw directly onto the screen, but my 10" lenovo tablet does not like any stylus I try to use, it is just not responsive enough. It works perfectly with my finger, but not the stylus (I have tried regular rubber tipped stylus and one of those fine tipped ones with a transparent disc on the end, but it doesn't like them.

With bluestacks does it work full screen or does it open in a tablet sized window on the PC? And most importantly in Bluestacks does Flipaclip work normally with full functionality?

Hey PepStep, I was wondering, on the emulator site, what category is FlipaClip under, or is there a way to search?

You download bluestacks from their site (just pick the version that applies to your os), install and run it. Then you just go to the play store and install it. It works like it would with a regular tablet, you can even use your google account and buy the unlocks and everything worked fine for me.

Bluestacks is an application, so it's not like other Android emulators, where you have to partition your hard drive and dual boot and all that crazy stuff.

It runs windowed by default, but you can do alt+enter or f11(I forget which) to match your pc resolution settings. On mine, it has some black at the top and bottom of the screen, so it's not a perfect match, but I can't complain.

The only function I found that didn't work was the in-app pen mode, though you can bypass that pretty easily with the wacom settings. I also can't confirm if pressure sensitivity works because I don't use it but aside from that, it's pretty much on par with what's on my tablet.

Oh! I also haven't tried to export anything other than a png sequence to Google drive, so I can't say if the other options work or not.

Thanks PepStep, very helpful info :-) I'm surprised nobody has done a review on YouTube of how Flipaclip works using an Android emulator. Defo thinking of testing out your solution.

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Hi! Currently, we have no PC version yet. Our developers have been testing a porting method but they are having some issues with crashes. Hopefully we'll have this feature soon!

Just spotted your post Ralph, this sounds very good news, fingers crossed it will be sorted very soon :)  I have all sorts of animation projects that I could use this for.


Can we get some more specific updates than "Our developers have been testing a porting method but they are having some issues with crashes"? It's been a full year since the first time that non-descriptive explanation was used, and the answer from 3 weeks ago is exactly the same. Surely you have made some progress in 9 months to where you've figured out at least some of your issues that cause crashing. Please give us a better idea of how far along you are in the porting process.

Do you guys have any plans to make a PC version currently? My tablet broke, but I have a surface pro 4 and I would love to use flipaclip on it so I could continue my youtube channel. I have windows 10 pro.

At the moment nothing planned, but we would like to bring FlipaClip to PC in the near future for sure.

I really hope that the owners of flipaclip make a PC version of flipaclip. I tried to download bluestacks but it was talking about paying for it and i can't do that. Also i don't have a phone or anything like that.

I believe BlueStacks has Google Play Store. So you should be able to download FlipaClip for free. Also, you should be able to purchase in-app products. I'm not sure how well the app would work with BlueStacks but it's an option.

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At the moment we don't have enough resources to work on a PC or Mac version of FlipaClip. However, it is something we would love to have.

In the meantime you can try BlueStacks. Essentially an Android emulator that runs on PC or Macs. We aren't sure how well FlipaClip will work but it's worth a shot for a free animation software! :)

There are a couple of development environments that allow cross platform development.  I work in FireMonkey which compiles to native code for iOS, Win, Android.  And of course there is mono.

Very cool! Thanks for the suggestions of FireMonkey! :)


I tried using FlipAClip on that program, and it's really wonky!! Im using a display tablet and hovering my pen over the screen makes lines all over the canvas!! even with my mouse it was doing so and flipaclip restarted and i was duplicating frames rather slowly! :( so i guess ill have to wait until you guys make FlipaClip available for computers....

Plus it will make it easier for others to animate because we take our Chromebooks home.

Hi! I am just a frikin' loner weeaboo who has nothing more to do with her time other than animate her favorite O.C's. I just have to say, I LOVE UR APP. I have it on my fire, so the fps aren't as fast and as easygoing as I would like it to be, but the main problem w/ mine is that I don't know how to upload music from Youtube, SoundCloud, Pandora or anything. I need the song "Love Like You" by Rebecca Sugar-- Cover by Caleb Hyles, but there is no place to where I can download that. Is there any way you guys can use you're amazing brains to help me?? All I need is a thing to submit that music to to make my animation a complete success. Thank you for listening, and see ya soon!! (Like, can yall make an option to add music on there compatible through Youtube or SoundCloud?? Thanks!!)

BTW,  I love the panning in and out feature you added. Thx for supplying me w/ more tools!! 

Hows that PC version of FlipaClip going?

I know, right?

i don't think they check this thread anymore after getting more suggestions on emulators and stuff. Kinda sucks.

Yeah, a native pc port would be great. I tested it on bluestacks for someone on this thread. I had zero issues with running the app via the android emulator. My paid extras even came with it and pressure sensitivity was great, but just reading other posts, people are having problems. I tried bluestacks again and it's slower than I remember and filled with ads and forced app installs... It's bad and I withdraw my recommendation.

I'll go ahead and drop other possible stand-in solutions I've tried that worked really well. Screen mirroring or usb-to-hdmi worked REALLY well. My wired connection uses a docking method, so I get two extra usb options, where I plugged my wacom into one of the free ports. I wouldn't know how to hook up a wacom with a usb direct to hdmi setup. The screen mirror didn't produce any noticable latency, so I'd say that's the best method for quick connectivity as it only requires connected wacom an clicking mirror.

Another desktop sort of experience I tried was using an sbc running Android 7. The board is an odroid xu04 (there are many cheaper board options out there) and both the wireless and wired connections from wacom worked right away. Pressure sensitivity was just as good as windows too. Everything was really responsive and I don't really have any complaints, though the docking method was by far the best because I can transfer files directly to my computer instead of android to cloud, cloud to windows and it's streamed over top of windows.

Notes: I could not get wacom to work correctly on Android 5 (lollipop). I did not try Android 6 or 4. 7 and 8 worked right away with no setup.

A desktop version would obviously be the best thing ever, but these options might help for the time being.

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Hello! Unfortunately, at the moment as we don't have enough resources to work on a PC or Mac version of FlipaClip. However, it is something we would really love to have.

In the meantime, you can try BlueStacks on your laptop. It is an Android emulator that runs on PC or Macs. We aren't sure how well FlipaClip will work but it's worth a shot for a free animation software! :)

Up to now, they haven't released the official version of FlipaClip for PC. But, you can still install FlipaClip App on your PC with the help of Android emulators like BlueStacks & Nox App Player.

Bluestacks App Player is one of the best Android emulators to run FlipaClip on windows 10 I have used .  now I can use FlipaClip app for making cartoon animations . I use a xp-pen star 06 digital painting tablet with FlipaClip . FlipaClip works pretty well with it .

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