Layer-specific onion skin settings

Katya Stone (kat754) 2 years ago updated by IanJTurner 2 years ago 1

You should be able to change onion skin settings for each layer, or at least have the option to turn it off for certain layers. I always sketch on one layer and clean it up on another, but the onion skins for sketch layers at very light opacities look the same as those for my full-opacity lineart layer, making the feature very hard to use. Other animation programs like flash and krita have this option, and it'd be awesome if FlipaClip could have it too! 

I agree, I posted the same idea here:


The onion skin needs either to be toggle-able on a per layer basis or to reflect the opacity setting of the layer so that layers that are being used for tracing do not fill the canvas with unwanted onion skin content.