What stylus is compatible with FlipaClip?

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 4 years ago 2
Is it possible to make animations with my samsung galaxy tablet s4? I mean, I can but is there any stylus that's compatible with my tablet in order for me to animate smooth, precise and accurate?

I use a Venter Stylus and it works great on my Galaxy A tablet
Hey, any stylus supported by Android will be supported by FlipaClip and if for any reason one is not we will try to make it work as soon as possible.

As far as we know there are essentially 3 types of "stylus" available for Android devices.

1. Capacitative Stylus
These are standard stylus that work on any device. They are essentially just like a finger. There is no pressure sensitivity on these.

2. Native Stylus
This stylus type comes with the device. These are mainly all the Samsung Note devices. These stylus support pressure sensitivity.

3. Bluetooth Stylus
These connect via BT and provide pressure sensitivity. They might be a bit expensive.

As far as specific ones that we recommend we don't have any. @Buttercup suggested one. Maybe some other artists in this forum can suggest more options.