Onion Skin Ideas

IanJTurner 2 years ago in Android updated by Konrad 1 year ago 1

Just wanted to re-iterate a few ideas on the onion skin functions, now I've had plenty of chance to try out the new design.

  • I really think a dedicated onion skin on/off toggle button on the main canvas would be worth the screen space. I know there's a handy keyboard shortcut, but it's not always convenient to be using a bluetooth keyboard, and this is one function that is turned on and off almost constantly when animating.
  • If there were a button next to the visibility button on each layer, where you could enable/disable the onion skin for that layer, that would be excellent. Generally, you only want the onion skin showing on the layer that you are working on.
  • The Skip Frames sliders  are excellent. I use them all the time. Unfortunately, they're currently three clicks away, buried at the bottom of the onion skin options. I think they should be on the main onion skin dialogue pop up, alongdide the Frames before/ Frames after sliders.

Yep,  onion skin needs to be more accessible for those not using a keyboard.