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IanJTurner 4 years ago updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 1 year ago 10

A feature I use a lot when drawing in Autodesk Sketchbook is the screen rotate gesture. That is, the ability to rotate the canvas when using the two finger zoom getsture. The canvas can be rotated to any angle but will easily snap back to the original angle and will return to the original angle when Zoom 100% is clicked.

I really miss this when drawing in FlipaClip. I know it's possible just to rotate the tablet, but really this interupts the drawing flow far too much to be practical, especially as I often draw using a laptop stand to make my tablet more like a traditional drawing board.

If you look at images of traditional animation disks, you'll see that the ability to easily rotate the drawing has always been important in hand drawn animation, so I think this feature would be perfect for Flipaclip.



FlipaClip for iOS and Android now support canvas rotation!


Thanks for the idea. This is planned feature.


I like this idea,but sometimes I might not want my screen to rotate,so if you`te going to add screen rotation,you should also add a button right next to the (back to 100% zoom) one that will let you activate or seactivate the rotation.

Agree. I'm on a tiny screen so my "Screen Rotation" is just my wrist ;)

I'm using Autodesk Sketchbook as well, and yes I totally agree with this feature to be added, It'll make much more easier for finger user like me

yesss we need this my friend did this somehow and i need it

This feature is now out guys!

Oops, this has only taken 3 years to be implemented! :P So FlipaClip for iOS has this already available along with the option to turn it OFF under settings. In the coming weeks FlipaClip for Android will receive this feature too.

I I really can't wait until this feature it's ready for flipaclip because I've been dying for using the canvas rotation for flipaclip. I love drawing in all of my apps that require drawing usually lets me flip the canvas around put on flipaclip it doesn't so I'm hoping that the feature is in will be on Android device

Thx but its been 2 months and no rotation update? :(


FlipaClip for iOS and Android now support canvas rotation!

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