Frame Hold

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I know I and others have mentioned this before, but I haven't seen it in this particular forum.

If there's one missing feature that means I have to take my project out of FlipaClip and onto the PC, it's the fact that I currently cannot make a single drawing hold for more than a single frame. This means that laying out key drawings to get a feel for the timing of an animation is not really possible. It also means that if, once you have your timing set up, you want to alter a 'hold' drawing, then you're going to have a LOT of copy/pasting to do.

It would be fantastic if you could grab the right hand side of a drawing on the timeline and drag it out to the desired number of frames - and if you could do this on a per-layer basis, then that would be even better.

Hope I don't sound like I'm complaining too much ... I love the app. :)


We always appreciate all types of feedback! :)

We are actually thinking about this more and more since this would solve those limitations/slowdown of multiple copy/pastes. The concept of keyframes or frame holds is a great one which would allow even better animations that are created faster.

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We always appreciate all types of feedback! :)

We are actually thinking about this more and more since this would solve those limitations/slowdown of multiple copy/pastes. The concept of keyframes or frame holds is a great one which would allow even better animations that are created faster.
This would be a huge improvement.
If keyframes were implemented, how about having 1 columncolumn (or row) per layer in the frames viewer?
So rather than the current 4 or 5 frames per line, there would be a scroll bar with time indicators.
I think the PC program pencil 2d had this,but unfortunately was too buggy to use.

We are actually working on a cleaner design that will make the timeline really nice and easier to use. This will set the way for adding potentially a keyframe type of feature. No ETA but for sure we hope get this new design out before Christmas. :)

Hey Jona,

I have to say this is one of the features I'm looking forward to. This post is over two years old and this is still a feature that is not included, wonder if it will ever be?

I get extremely confused with the locking layer feature, I thought locking the layer meant holding/freezing that layer throughout, instead it locks the layer?

I see its utility but.. why would someone need to lock a layer? The layer design you built is pretty solid as is. The only thing I can think of its to prevent careless user from accidently removing a layer...which if you're a regular user, the chances of that happening are pretty much zero.

Why not repurposing the lock layer feature to actually lock it in time? Freeze/hold whatever you want to call it..



Thanks for the input here. It has been a while since we posted about this. Problem is we want things done yesterday but other priorities causes us to delay things. Also, some work takes a lot longer that we anticipate and that hurts our timeline. Frame holding, essentially a way to repeat individual frames and layers is huge feature we are planning to work on it.

Just want to second all of this as well.  I'm a professional 3D animator and recently came across this app as I've been vetting 2D options for a class I'm teaching and I've been totally hooked on it.  After spending a full day joyfully kicking out little animation exercises I was left with these impressions... 1) the better onion skinning is worth the pay version in a heartbeat, 2) there's nothing I've come across that's so easy and intuitive to use without resorting to more powerhouse PC applications, and 3) dang-it if it only had frame hold!!!  I would pay more for this app if it had this feature, FWIW.  But overall thanks for such a great app!


Really late response here! But thank you for your kind feedback! Frame holding will come promise! 

Hi Jona, just wondering if there's any update on frame holding?

Hey Simon,

This is still a planned feature! We have been really busy with a bunch of areas of the app and we are close to continue working on this particular area.

FlipaClip is a work in progress so we thank you for your patience :)

The feature of holding a frame on the timeline is the main reason I will not teach this app and stay with flipanim instead - for students learning this - this is a must and it’s been on your to do list for the past 4 years. Timing and animation - would have thought these go hand in hand and would have been dealt with first.


I have mentioned this before... But we will be looking into this after releasing the audio feature. 

Allowing to effortlessly repeat a frame will bring project size down and definitively improve animations. Hope you guys don't give up on us yet! :)


Great to hear, thanks for the update!


Having seen how well the audio menu works - I think it would be fantastic if you could have a similar screen that scrolls up from the bottom, when activated, to control the frame-hold and layers functions.  I made this mock up to show the kind of thing I mean.   The ability to show or hide this part of the UI, as you can with the audio, would make for a great compromise between screen space and functionality.


Oh yeah! We are getting here! You are actually close to what we are dreaming here!

This feature will definitely boost this app. More advanced projects will be possible!

Please, please do it for god sake!  😀

It looks a bit uncomfortable but a very good idea

How do I move frames in between other frames? I am currently working on a project and I need to be able to move frames around. How can this be done? 


~The Bean Queen


What is needed and is still missing, is the ability to copy/paste and move frames within the timeline and define holds (as shown in the proposed mockups above) BUT still be able to view at the SAME time the frames in relation to the sounds wave form!

This is essential to be visible at the same time, as it is the only way for one to have a complete overview, to shuffle main key frames and sync main drawn sketches to define action accordingly.

Not being able to have them both at the same time, would lead the user to go back and forth for this fundamental process.

Should we expect that ?

Any timeframe to be announced ?


I take your point, but I'm not sure it's essential to have both the frame hold panel and the audio panel visible simultaneously. 

I tend to make notes on the canvas, or even go proper old-school and use a separate exposure sheet (with pencil and paper!) to keep track of sound cues, music beats, speech etc.

Everyone's got their own way of doing things, of course, but with an app that's designed to work on phones, there's always going to have to be compromises. 


if audio wave is not visible, there is no way the user could define exact frame holds needed to get it right. 

Having to go back and forth from frames holds setup to audio just to get ghis fundamental process right, is just not going to work.

That us why professional software like toonboom and tvpaint allow the animator tonhave access to those simultaneously.

Screen rstate is not an excuse not to have those, especially on 12.9 ipad pro displays.

I really hope @Jona will take that comment seriously in this direction.

Again it would be nuce to know how clise such a function is or we should wait years before that takes place...


This feature should be an urgent need,because when you copy and paste a lot of frames,it’s hard to differentiate between those frames.


Framehold is essential in 2d animation like this app provides. 

How may  on twos, threes, fours etc ?

How is he/she supposed to play out the first draft and check timing when is not possible to have same frame being played until the next one is being hit ? 

It is simply impossible to do so.

And as timing is the most important element, being unable to do so is as if we are being tortured here to copy manually frames all over the place that makes no sense and as mentioned is hard to be distinguished afterwards...


Could you PLEASE enlighten us what and when should we expect ?

An answer is highly appreciated


Let me also add what ClipStudio AND TVPaint does in animation and frame holds.

A frame is left shown, as long as another is being defined.

This way the user does NOT need to set the duration of each individual frame.

The user need only to define the exact time at which dash frame/draw will be shown at.

So in the end one has just to shuffle around the frames to define timing (hence duration) which makes the whole process quite more versatile.


PLEASE let us know what and when should we expect such a feature.

If that is already in the works I would be GLAD to beta test and help this move forward

PLEASE keep us posted


Hey, love the app!
The ideal way I would see it working is; see how there are dotted frames when there's an audio file, if you have a frame at frame 1 and dotted to frame 30, if you create a frame at 15 NOW it fills the frames before with white... instead it should just HOLD the last defined key until another breakdown is added in between if needed.  That way you'd see frame 1's onion skin when drawing frame 15 too.  If you add another frame at 7, 7 would be onions skin 1, and 1 would be onion skin 2.  Hope this is clear!

This also really helps with having a 'guide layer' which automatically holds while you add keys in other layers without having to copy it (or use a background image) - much more versatile.

Another awesome thing would be to create cycle frames - if you click and drag a frame left it could create a cycle to the frame you drag to which cycles until another key is defined to break the cycle

Also would be very happy to be a beta tester!!  Please get in touch. :)