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How about these ideas?

fireblaze1 4 years ago updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 4 years ago 1

How about these idea's.. Adding up to 20 layers instead of only 6 layers to this animation program .. Being able to change the frames per second in each seperate layer.. And could you possibly give an approximate date as to when this FlipaClip will be available for the windows 8.1 operating system.. I use this program on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 inch tablet ..But unfortunately ( according to Samsung support) my tablet doesnt do well with a stylus because it's only suppose to be a hand/finger type of tablet( i still try to use a stylus but only on straight lines) .. So now i wish i could use this on my HP Pavilion Notebook 17 inch laptop instead.. Because i think this FlipaClip is easier to use then say like Gimp is for 2 D animation .. Any way thank you for a great animation program

Nice To Have

Thanks for the ideas and kind feedback.

More layers is on our plans. We haven't added more than 6 layers because it won't provide a great experience on most devices. The more layers the slower the app will be when loading frames. We are further optimizing this to achieve realtime scrubbing.

A PC app is planned. We will most likely add it as a Chrome app which will make easily installable on PC. Follow any progress for this here.