How to get missing files back

StartasticMika 2 years ago in Android updated by 🍍🍹🔥🐢💜🌺 7 months ago 2

I went to open flipaclip and for some reason a pop up showed and said 'missing files please you havent: -remove sd card -change sd card -delete files from sd card' even though i havent did any of them

Did you ever get a fix for this?  This is happening to my app too and I am not able to access any of my drawings.

Idk how but I have the same thing. Every time I get on flipaclip it erased my best animation I am so mad 👿👿👎👎😾 I hate flipaclip when it does that 😡👿 do they have a fix yet?  Please 😫🙏🙏💓