I deleted my FlipaClip fIle and now it's gone?

Space Biscuit (SpaceBiscuit) il y a 2 ans dans Android mis à jour par strawberry gamer346 il y a 1 an 5

I deleted my FlipaClip folder from My Files (Android) as there was nothing in it. I went back to go work on my animation, but when I tried to open it it said something along the lines of 'make sure you didn't move your file or transfer it to another SD card.' I didn't have anything in my file, but is my work lost forever?

the same thing happened to me, I wish they would reply, have you found anything?

No, I haven't, I just keep reminding myself not to change the FlipaClip folder. Sorry I can't be much help, I haven't used the app in ages.

Im so sad;-; I lose my coolest animation ever

The same happened with me......and i dont have an sd card so yeah ;^;