Frames Viewer

Revalvabe 2 years ago in Android 0

     I was finishing up an animation that I had spent just under two days on, and I went to the frames viewer to get rid of a few unwanted frames. I tapped the "select all" button, and not realizing that I was deselecting the frames I wanted to get rid of, I pressed delete. 

     When I realized what I had done, I went to cancel the edit only to find that there was no way to cancel it. At that point I was freaking out, and I tried to see if I could undo it.... it wouldn't let me undo either.

     Now I  understand that a lot of that stuff was my fault. I should have been paying closer attention. But when it comes to something like that, we as users should be able to cancel something like that, or at least be able to undo it.

     Now I've lost an entire animation just because it wouldn't let me fix my mistake.

     I strongly suggest adding a select tool instead of a select all tool, or adding a cancel button for situations like this one.