Features needed

Nightdrawer 2 years ago in Android updated 2 years ago 1

Flipaclip is really nice software but there are  few things that can really improve it in terms of more comfortable work animation  - more  features in frames manager like possibility of stretching frames in time ( could be numeric) - selecting and shifting group of frames. Also I have problem with white background of this app its not clear where are boundaries of canvas if I use white or light grey paper, maybe optional dark GUI theme could be  a solution. Another thing could be additional button to reset  canvas rotation and zoom with one tap. And option of smaller frames thumbnaiIs or just colorful small rectangles  on timeline? When you animate youreally have to rely on your memory so big pictures of frames in timeline  are not obligatory. Other things seems really well designed!

By mistake I wrote about reseting canvas rotation, in fact its not possible to rotate it so reseting zoom could be really helpfull 😎