Fix the undo/redo buttons in the app!

Jordan Wolf 2 years ago in Android 0

When you press the back button and go back to the gallery, and then you open the project again, can you fix it so that you can still undo your work from when you last had it open? Because i hate when i make a mistake and then accidentally press the backbutton, then now all my work is ruined forever.

Also could you move the "back to gallery" arrow some where else?? Its confusing to have it in the top left where you can easily mistake it for the undo/redo buttons. Or at least put an "are you sure you want to exit" message before closing the project and permanently making the project unfixable! To give people a second chance to save their work! I really love this app and ive been using it for years and its just these little things that ruin the experience.