Problem Video Limit is not lifted After Paying for ALL Premium

Skip Hunt 2 years ago in iOS updated by AlexzaBernandez/TheArtistDope 2 years ago 9

I'm reposting this question because you marked my last inquiry as "Answered" when it has not yet been resolved. 

Have a look at the screenshots I've included in this thread. I've also sent the screen shots to you via private message. 

Restarting, hard reset, reinstall, close app, repeat, etc. does nothing. The 6 second limit is not removed even though the full Premium upgrade was purchased. 

I want this app to work and I want the Premium features I paid for initially. I did try to contact you almost two weeks ago via twitter and facebook but got no reply. I tried here about a week ago. So, yeah... I'd hardly call that a "quick response". ;)

To repeat, if I didn't think this was the best option for iOS currently, I wouldn't bother trying to contact you incessantly and dealing with all this frustration. I'd just buy a different app instead. But, I've played with most of them and yours is the ONLY one with almost all of the features I'm looking for, except for the audio import that you say is coming. Believe me, I'd love for this to work as intended and for all the Premium features I paid for to actually work.

The screen shots I sent you I grabbed just last night after once again trying all of the reset stuff. The video limit Premium is not showing up as paid for as you can see in the screen shots. And, it only will import in 6 secs. I've tried several times.



All good. Thanks!

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Looking into this! Thank you for reporting! Will keep you updated.


Hey, just saw the update and tried it out. All Good! Thank you :)

Updated my 1-Star to 5-Star and edited my review with the following:

Update: this developer ended up fixing the issue with the premium upgrade & a few other miner bugs.

Having spent more time with this app and having now tested longer videos... The drawing tools and intuitive flip style animation tools, ie. Onion skinning, editing cells, copy/pasting graphics between cells, etc. this is the best app of its kind currently in the App Store.

They give you all functionality for a reasonable In-App purchase, or you can get just the premium features you want a la carte. They were slow getting back to my support inquiry, but they delivered with flying colors. With audio import coming, this app is highly recommended!!! 

That's awesome!! Thank you for letting us know and being so kind to update your review! :)

Very important question. Did you purchase the premium version a while back before the video import feature was added? If that's the case it would help. Regardless if you purchased before the feature should be included.

No, I only purchased it about 5 days ago I think. But I downloaded the app about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

I played with the app for about a week to test it out. I also tested out the 6 secs allowed of video and it seemed to work well and consistently. After I decided that Flipaclip offered the best range of features without being a subscription, I started messaging you to see if the upcoming audio import feature would be included if I bought the full Premium IAP. After I hadn't heard back, I took a chance and bought the Premium anyway and hoped the audio import would be included once it was released. 

After buying the Premium, I first went to try out a longer video to see if it still worked well over 6 seconds. That's when I noticed it hadn't been included for some reason. I then messaged you to see if this was that way it was supposed to be, or a glitch. 

Hey! I have the same problem, and even though you said it was fixed in the newest update, I still don’t have the feature... I have bought the pack a couple months ago, if that helps.