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Will new features you’re working on like audio import (likely in beta now), be included in current Premium purchased IAP in FlipaClip? Or will they be in a completely new app?

Hmmm... Have tried your twitter account and facebook page... thought maybe I'd drop this here as well. 

Basically, after trying out a few animation apps on iOS... decided Flipaclip has most of the features I want. The free version works well too.

I want to buy the full premium upgrade, but from your site forum, it looks like you're working on new features. What I'd like to know is if I buy Premium now, will that include the new features you're working on like audio import?

Sometimes developers basically abandon their primary app and launch a completely new app with the new features. This is incredibly annoying when they do this, especially if you've just recently purchased their app or paid for the IAP upgrade. 

The fact I can't get a reply from you on your Twitter feed... your facebook page... or your site's support forum... makes me wonder if this app has been abandoned.

Also, I’m assuming this forum is strictly for bugs and various issues related to support?

I’d ask my questions elsewhere but I’ve already tried twitter, Facebook and here. Not sure where else to ask these simple pre-purchase questions.

Basically, of all the iOS animation apps, this one looks like the one that has the most features I want, without being subscription based.

I know you are likely close to updating the app soon. I don’t really need the app right now, so if you’re going to release a completely new version, I can wait to buy.

If you are going to update the current app and the new audio import feature, etc. will be a free update for premium users, then I’ll go ahead and buy it now. If there’s somewhere else you’d prefer I send my inquiry, please let me know.


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