Import GIF image into a project

RAVtv Studios 1 year ago • updated by Business Shark 11 months ago 4

This is getting extremely frustrating. It's just a simple gif and you can't even plug it in. How many years does it take to do basic updating to a basic animation software. Sure I couldn't, but I bet people that can actually program an app can figure out how to put two and two together and be able to put simple IMAGES into your project. I'm tired of these lazy updates. So many people want to do more with this app but instead they have to pay for everything and just wait for updates. 3 years for this useless crap? It's like a beta to a video game. Buggy, empty, and overall incomplete. Sometimes I don't understand why people don't even listen to the people they apparently "cater" to.


hey, hey. The team is very small at the momemt so it cant be whipped up in 8 seconds. These things take time. And it takes even MORE time when your primary focus is on adding audio, which many people are already bugging them about it enough. I wouldnt be suprised if the team is extremely stressed out atm. So they'll get to that road when they cross it. Patience is a life skill.


Thank you for the clarification. I didn't know what the team's primary focus was.