HELLO!! I L💜VE this app btw, but I do have some suggestions Visual Blasters LLC that I really hope you guys would take under consideration and would make happen not only for the sake of me but for everyone else who loves this app and loves to animate on

Jhalin Pittmon 3 years ago in Android 0

So I was wondering can their please be an update where we can ...

1. Import pictures from our galleries into our movies
2. Add sound to our movies
3. And after using the lasso icon and circling the image/item that we drew, along with the options of stretching and rotating can we also be given an option of if we want to clip and save the images that we circled with the lasso into a folder where we can save the images and use the images we circled over again, 

I Really hope you guys make this happen that would be so awesome!! Thanks in advance!!