How do you save it to photos

mango071205 2 years ago updated by PaintedBleu 2 years ago 2

blehhhh help

Save your project? If it is that then press the 3 dots on the top right corner of your device, press "Make Movie", and then press it again. You will see the 3 buttons choose "More" right under Facebook (should be really easy to see :) Then press save to camera role. I am not sure for Android but I'm pretty sure it's similar. 

If you want to save a specific frame press the 3 dots, "Frames Viewer", choose the frame you need, then you will see the share symbol on the top right. Press save to camera roll. You can only save one frame at a time that way. 

This is all for IOS since I don't own any Android electronics but I'm pretty sure it's very similar.