Onion Skin Toggle Causes Undo

IanJTurner 2 years ago in Android / Beta • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 1 year ago 7

Occasionally, when toggling the Onion Skin on or off a drawing or action that has just been made will be un-done.

For instance: Draw a line on the canvas. Open the main menu. Click on the Onion Skin on/off toggle. The line that has just been drawn will disappear.

This only happens now and again, so it's hard to repeat - but it has happeed often enough for me to know it is a bug and not user error.

The onion skin keeps on turning off for me since the update!

Under review

Oh very crappy bug... If you do find the steps how to reproduce please let me know. I did some short tests and didn't see this happen. I'm going to look further into it and hopefully reproduce the bug.

I still haven't found the steps to repeat this bug, but it has happened a couple of times in the last few days. A couple of things I have noticed though; there is no 'redo' generated when this happens - the redo button remains greyed out, and it seems to occur when a project is recently opened, and once it has happened, it never occurs again in that particular session.

I'll send a bug report next time it happens - if I remember!


I just recreated the bug because I remember it happening to me.What I did is add a frame after the current frame(press and hold frame then click the +-> symbol),creating a blank between 2 frames.Draw something on the blank frame with onion skin enabled after that disable the onion skin and what you have just drawn disappears.

Excellent, thanks. Those steps do indeed recreate the bug.


Perfect! Thanks for the steps. We'll be fixing this for next update!