Export project as sequence of images

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 17

Great app ! One suggestion. It would be nice to be able to export each frame in jpeg format in the same number of pixels as the animation. Right now you can do gif but it is very small.

Thanks again !


This feature has been added as of v1.4.6. Enjoy! :)
The reason for this request is that you could work on you animation on a desktop computer since some stuff are easier to do on a big screen.
Other than that this app is really well thought,  and well done. I would keep it KISS. I played with other animations app like animation desk, animation studio...although these are good apps, they get a bit too complicated for a portable device.
Thanks for the awesome feedback! Your idea is already in our plans.  :)
actually I split the animations in frames to use in a game engine,
using image magick ( installed with cygwin )
convert cropped.gif BMP3:frames/%02d.bmp

make 24bit bmp frames, numbered, from a flipaclip exported gif.
Thanks for the info. I know that the image quality might not be the best using GIF... :/

I will be working very soon on an export option to export as a sequence of png images. All layers will be merged into one image.
A PNG image sequence export sounds fantastic. Would it be possible to incude the option to export with a transparent background?
Yes, we do plan to allow exporting image sequence without background.
Excellent, thanks for the info. This will make working on the same project in FlipaClip, TVPaint and Photoshop really easy - so that my tablet can become a really useful part of the workflow.
I wanted to share a tip on exporting PNG files from FlipaClip. My wife and I are indie Artist Animators and we have incorporated FlipaClip into our workflow from producing full HD animations on the tablet to incorporating files back and forth to our computer. Again we have to say, FlipaClip is one of our favorite animating android apps.
By the way Jona, Throwing it out there, We would love to beta test the planned windows FlipaClip version. ;) 

This is how we export PNG files from FlipaClip.
1. Open "My Files" folder in your android device.
2.Open "Device Storage" folder.
3.Open "Android" folder.
4.Open "Data" folder.
5.Open "Com.vblast.flipaclip" folder.
6.Open "Files" folder.
7.Open "Projects" folder.
There you'll find your PNG files in folders labeled with a lowercase letter and numbered.
It is a little work but it works!

Thanks for the tip - I will try that now! :)
Yep - that works well and gives me the transparent PNG files that I need.  Unfortunately, currently the naming and numbering convention seems to relate to the order in which the images are drawn, rather than reflecting their frame number in the animation, which makes for a rather jumbled sequence!  It's as if I've unclipped all my drawings from the animation desk and then accidentally dropped them on the floor!  Something to think about when adding the export image sequence feature. :)
The export feature will contain the images with the right numbering order of course. Also, we are thinking to zip into one file all the images to make it easy to move around.
This App is realy cool and very good but I dintknow how to put the movies I'd made in my Gallery so I can put it on my USB please help if someone knows thx
Hey, simply open FlipaClip and tap on the Movies tab. Long press the movie you want to export and then tap on the share icon at the top right corner. :)
I just noticed that I can export in PNG ! Thank you so much !
This feature has been added as of v1.4.6. Enjoy! :)