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How do I add music?

Madeline Seng 4 months ago 0

Sound Sound Sound Sound

Geray Padilla Pérez 4 months ago in iOS • updated 4 months ago 1
Under review

Slow strokes on iPad

Tristratos 5 months ago in iOS • updated 4 weeks ago 8

Currently in progress 1


Paint bucket bug

User 413 1 year ago in Android • updated by millowcreek 4 months ago 6

Good but

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Open bugs 408


How to copy and paste the drawn picture

Deneb Opalla del Rosario 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 2 months ago 1

how do i copy and paste the picturw that i have draw on the frame


Please see the following guides about this. Mastering Copy/Paste and Copy/Paste


Copy layers

Panduru Catalin 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 2 months ago 1

A layer copy option would be an awesome feature to add.


This feature is planned! Thank you for your feedback.


Dedicated Background Tools Menu

IanJTurner 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0

I love the fact that I can now easily move drawings from FlipaClip into Autodesk Sketchbook via the share option. This makes designing backgrounds and making guides really easy.

Unfortunately, accessing the background image via the overall project settings is a bit cumbersome and it takes a few too many clicks to update the image in FlipaClip. Also, it would be great if there were a few more background image options. I'd like to see a menu with its own set of tools for the background. The tools would be:

Toggle BG Visability (animating with a background is great, but sometimes you just want to quickly access a plain white background so you can see what you are doing without any distractions)

Adjust BG Opacity

Replace BG Image (one click that takes you straight to the navigation dialogue)

Under review

Solo Layer

IanJTurner 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 4 months ago 2

As you are improving the layer capabilities, adding layer transparency and a layer merge option, I wonder if it would be possible also to add a 'Solo Layer' button.

This button would hide all other layers and just display the current layer. Toggling this button on and off would allow you to quickly see the details of your current drawing in isolation and then instantly see it in context with all the other layers - without having to go into the layer dialogue box and show hide several layers each time.


Opacity and merging capability is now available on FlipaClip. The solo layer is a great idea and makes sense.


I was wondering if u can let us change the canvas size of the video

Pancake 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1

I mean can let us change it in case we where making a video but it had to be a pacific size


Quicker Access to Frequently Used Buttons

IanJTurner 2 years ago • updated by Keith Connell 11 months ago 1

There are a few tools in FlipacClip that are currently two or three clicks away that I think should be readily available with one click. These are for actions that one has to do repeadedly when animating.

Clear All

The Clear All function requires the eraser dialogue to be opened - and this is a really common task, so should really have its own dedicated button on the main stage window.

Light Table

Adjustments to the Light Table set up are also a frequent task, so perhaps the ability to pin the Light Table dialogue open would be a good idea. The current long-press to open the dialogue is a bit cumbersome when you're in the middle of a drawing.

Frame Duplication

Currently you can only duplicate a frame at the end of the timeline. The ability to duplicate a frame at the start of the time line and also to insert a duplicated frame before or after the current frame would be really useful - at the moment, this task takes quite a few clicks and is another frequent action.


I can't get it on PC

Fnaf_4-Luv_and_Undertale 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

I can't download it! Plz fix this bug


FlipaClip is currently not available for PC. Only iOS and Android devices.


Eraser Transparency

IanJTurner 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 1 year ago 3

The soft edge option on the eraser is great, but a transparency option, I would say, is an absolute MUST for an animation app.

You really need to be able to sketch and then take back (partially erase) a drawing before sketching over and finessing the lines. Often, the sketching and taking back can go on for several iterations before a drawing is ready.

Currently this can be done by using the onion skin feature and moving back and forth between two frames, but being able to take back a drawing with a 50% transparent soft eraser would be so much better.


FlipaClip v2.0.6 added support for alpha. Further improvements to the eraser and brushes will be added in the near future.


Resizing resolution would be better enough..

OhItsME 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

The reason why I suggested this one because I wanted to create a HD animation. Even if the pen size falls on 0.10, that is still thick enough to watch because its' resolution is just 854x480. While if we're going resize it on 1980x1080, that would be amazing because it results a HD performance or video. Any plans? Like Photoshop Animations, they result the best because they can adjust the resolution of their project. I hope that you'll be approving this suggestion(maybe someday) because I really love to watch animations at HD performance. Thank you!!!!


FlipaClip version 2 now allows picking a custom canvas size!


How can slow the video? / Nasıl video yavaş olabilir ?

blabla 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 11 months ago 1

How can I make my animation slow?


Please take a look at the following wiki. It should hopefully give you an idea of how frames per seconds works.