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Add Gestures

Gizmoyd 7 months ago in iOS • updated by Kleber 1 month ago 1

Can you make a blur tool

andrianarae 1 month ago • updated 1 month ago 1

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Paint bucket bug

User 413 1 year ago in Android • updated by 林 张 1 month ago 7

Background layer

Ricardo Roehe 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 2

Good but

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

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RahonTheEevee 8 months ago in iOS 0

Slow FPS on Preview

The DMC 8 months ago in Android 0


amythest 8 months ago in iOS 0

Storage and colouring

Camie-Cat 8 months ago in iOS 0

Eraser Losing Settings

IanJTurner 7 months ago in Android / Beta 0

I notice that the pencil tool retains its settings when closing and opening a project - which is good, however, the eraser tool resets to its default settings each time - which keeps catching me out. 


Onion skin should respect current layer opacity

6500🐈 7 months ago • updated by Anna2005k 3 months ago 3

Is it possible to reflect transparency of layer on onion skin?

I want to reduce the transparency of onion skin at the same time, when thinning the transparency of a specific layer.

Or, when I was non-display of certain layers, please also reflect on onion skin.

I am not good at English, so I am sorry if it is difficult to communicate.

I support you with this application! Thank you.


Update: FlipaClip has been updated to support layer opacity on onion skin. The update was released while back on both Android and iOS.


My 1080p is missing

Lovercute animates 7 months ago in iOS / Beta 0

I used to have 1080p but now it is just gone

Proof:D3FB068D-EEBB-47E9-9F05-1E7AAEBCA54A.MOV.      Iphone 6 beta tester ver 1.2.0 plz help me D:


You need to an undo option for when merge a layer...I merged mine wrong and It completely messed up the drawing...please fix this

ahrensor000 7 months ago in iOS 0

I was working on a drawing in there and When I was finally ready to merge them I merged them "Incorrectly" I guess and I wasn't able to undo it...*I'm on a samsung btw*


How do you copy a layer

Mariel Reese Flores Francisco 7 months ago 0

Questions About Audio Editor

BluBun 7 months ago in iOS 0

hello, I have some questions about the new audio editor for FlipaClip. I heard it was released on Android first, and a youtuber I know named Baked Potonion was using it on his phone. I have iPad and can only assume it’ll be added to it last.

Although, I heard that you had to purchase it. If that’s the case, I looked in the premium features tab and didn’t see anything of the sort. Can you explain this?


How do you delete a project or an movie

Mr.giraffe :3 7 months ago 0

Frame fading

Sugon 7 months ago in iOS 0

When fading characters or objects, I usually have a difficult time attempting that with the eraser, since it tends to erase strongly, even with the opacity down onto 1% for me.

I know I can change the opacity of a layer, but I’d rather change the opacity of each individual frame of a certain layer. 

An example is being able to edit a frame and fade an object by changing the opacity of the frame of the layer, instead of the layer completely and affecting all the other frames that are on that layer.

It’s just a suggestion though.