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Paint bucket bug

User 413 1 year ago in Android • updated by 林 张 4 days ago 7

Background layer

Ricardo Roehe 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 2

Good but

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Open bugs 475


Audio file flatlined

Biojason 5 months ago in Android • updated 5 months ago 0

App won't open

Everlywolf 5 months ago in Android / Beta 0

Whole project gone.

Michael Hunter 5 months ago in iOS 0

Cannot download premium on ios?

mayabijoucallan 5 months ago in iOS 0

Had an Android Device Recently Changed, Cannot Restore

Krxst 3 months ago in Android • updated 3 months ago 1

I used to have an LG device but I recently got a new phone from the samsung line. I have the play store account I originally bought the premium features on linked up and still cannot get my purchases restored. Is it possible for those to be restored or not?


Overlay layer

Pesi 3 months ago 0


This kind of feature could be interesting, to have static layer over all animated layers, with posibility to draw on it, for marking movement tracks, measurments or other type of reference. Functionality of grid and rulers but more elastic - drawable. And posibility of copying selected frame to overlay layer.


How to delete a movie

Addison craves animations 3 months ago in Android 0

the contest.... I already made mine but I pressed the contest button because I thought it was to download it or something? Like turning in the paper ✌🏻 But it turned it into another one to do and I got anxiety cuz I thought if you could only do one and that that one will turn in the one that I did not do. So I thought maybe I could erase it but I would not. Can you find the one that I did tho? Sure I might not get picked for winners but would you find the one that I did? Pls?


how can i import photo​s in flipaclip

lacklykurai 3 months ago 0

When i try to make a movie of the splash contest it fails

SilverFox 4 months ago in Android 0

when i finished the splash contest it didnt let me make a movie of it and it kept saying fail and i accidentally changed the custom frame size and i cant change it back without paying


Canvas rotation

dadaking0313 4 months ago in Android 0

Hello hello flipaclip developer I just wanted to ask can you please add the feature which is canvas rotation. I think a lot of people's been asking this for a while and the iOS version of flipaclip has it already so can we please have canvas rotation for the Android version so it can be a lot easier to animate and make better animations. I know if canvas rotation was on flipaclip on the Android version. People can animate better


Add Particle Simulation effects

Nate 4 months ago 0

A simple particle effects simulator that uses a drawn stroke to animate a specific selection inside of a starting frame.

It would make simulation of things like smoke, moving rocks, a spaceship explosion, an army of orcs, or even a gaggle of little crazy faries into a smooth, automatic process.  It takes minutes to complete, saving days of animation time

  • Output the re-drawn particles to a layer
  • Automatically generate the new frames based on an elapsed time given by the animator
  • Allow the animator to draw particles and then automatically animate their overall trajectory based on a set of strokes that they can easily draw the path for using a path tool
  • Animate the schema of multiple types of particles and give them their own loops
  • Mix particles types randomly or allow the animator to draw the starting areas for each type of particle

I must say I am very impressed by your current work.  Keep it up.


How do you lower opacity on layers

Traffic Cone 4 months ago in iOS 0

i got premium and i saw that you can lower opacity on layers and i don’t know how 


Its wont let me join the contest ;(((

GalaxyCøntent 4 months ago 0

it no let me join the contest;(((