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Paint bucket bug

User 413 1 year ago in Android • updated by millowcreek 4 months ago 6

Good but

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Open bugs 408


Import picture

dalijude 5 months ago in Android 0

when will this app be able to import picture?


Adding sound

мιѕтιqє єllιє 5 months ago in iOS 0

Dear FlipaClip developers, I am an iOS user of FlipaClip, and since I don’t have an editing program I’ve been looking forward to the “adding sound/music” feature. I know it has come out for Android users, but it has not—at least for me it hasn’t— come out on iOS. Is this intentional? Please respond soon.


make one for windows

sophiabdp 5 months ago 0

i have found a lot of ways to get it but they dont work pls do it its my favorite app


Make the audio on apple it’s better

Jazzy draws 5 months ago 0

it still has the watermark -_-

kat drawz 5 months ago 0

I bought the premium features but it still has the watermark, I even updated it nothing has worked


I Can’t open the premium features on my tablet

0ofuzzyfoxyo0 5 months ago 0

when I try to open the premium features, it loads and loads and loads and won’t stop. I can’t get into it.


How to add music

lunaandskylarproductions 5 months ago 0

Render videos longer than 3 mins in back/images/more layers!

Mayasaur 5 months ago in iOS 0


I recently tried to import a video to the background of my animation, however around the 1 minute mark the frames started appearing white. I attempted to reload my ipad but it didn't work. This has happened several times before and it's really annoying- I spent a long time creating the background video on imovie, and now it won't render. Please fix!


Custom placement of undo button

Creakatt 5 months ago 0

just a suggestion! I would love to be able to have the undo button on the left side so that I can draw with my right and undo with my left. Thus I propose choosing a left or right mode for the undo, so people can choose based on their preference or if they're right/left handed. 

This would really speed up the workflow and put less strain on the arm! I hope you consider it.


"Reward ad not loaded" error message happening non stop.

Lyric “Eclipse” Jenkins 5 months ago in Android • updated by reasonably bad 4 months ago 1

I have Flipaclip on both my phone and tablet (Both Android devices).

Earlier, i started an animation on my phone. Added the audio no problem. Then there was a problem, because of my low storage space it didn't save. I was mad but thought, "Oh well, i didn't do much, i'll just do it on my tablet" as my tablet has more storage space.

However, i had trouble adding the audio in. Over the course of 14 minutes i got nothing but "Oops, reward ad not loading!". I had this issue last night and after 103 attempts (When it got annoying i started counting) it finally worked. But this time obviously was more then 103.

My phone has no trouble adding audio in. It usually just gives 2-3 errors, if not working on the first try. I don't get what's wrong with my tablet then. It's about a year older then my phone and kinda slow but that's not too bad. Is there anything i could do without having to re-install the app?