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Lasso problem!

Vanilla 4 weeks ago in iOS 0

Import Audio Problem/Question

Pawsu 4 weeks ago in iOS 0

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Can you guys add more brushes?

Datoneblackweeb 1 month ago in Android / Beta 0

How do I add music?

Madeline Seng 1 month ago 0

Sound Sound Sound Sound

Geray Padilla Pérez 2 months ago in iOS • updated 2 months ago 1

Currently in progress 1


Paint bucket bug

User 413 12 months ago in Android • updated by millowcreek 4 weeks ago 6

Allow importing videos to projects

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1

Add opacity option for brushes and bucket fill tool

Anonymous 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1

Let me choose which YouTube channel to upload video into

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 2 years ago 1

Background layer

Ricardo Roehe 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 2

Good but

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Open bugs 307


Flies out !!

Ayumi Fly 1 year ago • updated by User 413 1 year ago 1

Black screen/Slow animation

User 413 1 year ago in Android 0
Under review

Unable to make purchase 😭😒

Total animation 1 year ago in Android • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1

Old things deleted?

MangleTheVixen 1 year ago in Android 0


(Re-ask) Move selection horizontally or vertically only

MimiLoverFox 1 year ago in Android 0

Is it possible to choose to move a selection only in one direction? For example, when we select something, showing arrows to move it up, down, to the left or to the right? Because sometimes, we want to move it up but it moves a lil bit to the left or right so it's not a straight line.

Thank you!

(Sorry for my bad english)


How to I add music or duplicate a frame?

Tacosaurus 1 year ago • updated by rodriguesumtal 1 year ago 1
Nice To Have

Gradient Fill/Brushes

spottedleafwarrior 1 year ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 8 months ago 1

It would be nice if you could add custom gradient fills and colours.


Thanks for your request. We have added to our feature requests.


Pencil hardness

Pedro 1 year ago in iOS • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 11 months ago 2


Any chance to be able to increase the hardness on the pencil tool?

It is so soft and blurry I have to draw the same line 5 times to be able to see something, it doesn't look like a pencil texture at all.

Look at Animatic app, they have such an amazing pencil texture with the perfect hardness.



Thank you for providing your feedback. The requested features are planned and will be added in the near future.


Won't Let Me Restore Purchases

why 1 year ago in iOS • updated by Werewolves Rock aj 1 year ago 1

I recently got two of the premium upgrades (for $3) to check them out, but later didn't deem them that useful, and wanted to restore. But when I went to restore purchases, it wouldn't let me click on the 'Restore Purchases' button to restore. It picked up that I clicked onto the button, but nothing else happened. Help?


Allow other actions while layers are open on Tablets

IanJTurner 1 year ago 0

It is currently not possible to draw, paste or do anything on the canvas whilst the layer menu is visible, you must first click to hide the menu. I understand saving space on the stage is a priority, but this behaviour really does impede a lot of very common actions.


How do you select a project after exiting it?

Creepz 1 year ago in Android • updated 1 year ago 1

I am a noob at FlipaClip so yeah. When I try to select the project it does nothing. (Sorry if this is really easy, I am just a noob :/)


Thanks for import

Ike Riepenhoff 1 year ago in iOS 0

I had roughs I scanned in, and didn't want to do the roughs allover sgain. Being able to import the roughs as a background and change frame by frame helps in a major way. Now I can work away from the desktop.

Thank you.



iamnormandynicole 1 year ago in iOS 0

I really enjoy the app but I think it would be more convenient and better if you could add sound


New line size adjustment issue.

KujoDude 1 year ago 0

I like the new update, however, I do not like the limited access to the line size. On the old ver., you had the ability to choose line sizes between 0.1, such as 0.08 and 0.15. In the new update, it is only limited to 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc. I want to get the small details I was able to in the old update. It would be appreciated if you programmed a fix. Thank you, and keep up the good work!