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Can't make a movie

Minuit Blume 4 weeks ago in Android • updated by NNW 4 weeks ago 1

Some suggestions

Alvit 1 month ago in iOS • updated by NNW 4 weeks ago 3

My animation was deleted by FlipaClip while i was working on it

allyyu0411 4 weeks ago • updated by NNW 4 weeks ago 1

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Easier organization?

PaintedBleu 3 months ago 0

Can you transfer premium to your other device?

Violent Kommie 3 months ago in Android • updated by AsrielTheMiniPig 3 months ago 1

Pen Correction

Montasaurus 4 months ago 0

Currently in progress 1


Paint bucket bug

User 413 1 year ago in Android • updated by 林 张 1 month ago 7

Background layer

Ricardo Roehe 3 years ago • updated 3 years ago 2

Good but

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 years ago 1

Open bugs 519



fer brizuela 3 months ago in Android 0

audio doesn't insert

Maria “TFA” Kirilova 3 months ago in Android 0

Premium features gone?!

sluggirlagain 3 months ago in Android • updated by Georgie Animations 3 months ago 1

Pen width broken

MeshStick 3 months ago in iOS 0

How to login

Mía Ramírez 1 day ago 0


Riley 6 days ago • updated by NNW 6 days ago 2

I think you should be able to make accounts so you can link flipaclip to other diveses. For example. If I have it on my phone and I get a tablet and get it I want all my movies and things that are on flipaclip on my phone to go on my tablets thx



lol456gd 1 week ago 0

I had buyed everything and niw it shows ne,u didn't buy everything!?

will u kinding me?!


how do i enter the “Intro to christmas” contest?

Lime 1 week ago in iOS • updated by NNW 1 week ago 1

meh tried but it doesnt work ;_;


What is it?!

Zombie <<D>> 1 week ago in Android 0

I updated the flip-clip, and I lost all premium features!!!What to do?!


Layer Opacity when merging & restoring deleted frames

Mlewna 2 weeks ago 0

okay sO

heres my suggestions:

-if you put a layer on lets say 40% opacity then merge it with the layer below which is 100%, the 40% layer will become 100%- i had to restart a map part that i had worked on for about 2 weeks due to that, so maybe if you could add a way to keep the opacity?

-ive also experienced an issue where i accidentally deleted a bunch of my frames in a huge project that i had worked on for about a month at the time and i didnt realize it until i got out of the view frames screen, and when i tried going back in there to undo it i couldnt click the undo button. maybe you could add a thing that saves the frames you add & delete so you can go back and forth, until you go out of the actual project kind of like the layers have.


Account Idea For Flipaclip

Oof_Its_Snazzy 2 weeks ago in iOS • updated by Leadvantage 2 weeks ago 2

An idea I have for the app is that maybe we can make our own accounts in it so we can save all our projects. I accidentally deleted Flipaclip and all my projects were deleted. If I had an account to back everything up and just log back in, then it would be much better. This is just an idea so anyone won’t have their projects deleted.


Is there a correction tool? And where? I can't draw with the pen going so fast

DolceChan123 2 weeks ago • updated by NNW 2 weeks ago 1

For me it's extremely hard to draw without correction. Is there any in flipaclip?


Post YOUR finished Animation

NNW 2 weeks ago • updated 2 weeks ago 1

It would be cool to have a showcase of things that were animated with Flipaclip:

Reply with your Final Videos :)

Here's my first work done. A few weeks ago I was sent to Pictoplasma Animation Conference NYC by Booooooom's amazing creative community  & LOJEL. 

After the event I animated the speakers words of wisdom (if you are interested why the animations look like they look, you can read about it at: https://www.booooooom.com/2018/11/30/out-about-with-lojel-pictoplasma-nyc-by-nino-werner/

If you have any questions about the progress feel free to ask :)