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Open bug posts

Echo 3 tygodni temu w iOS 0

Как вставить свою музыку

ksenianaz03 3 tygodni temu w Android 0

For some reason it won't use the iron on flipaclip

Jenna da fox 3 tygodni temu 0

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Add more brushes and brush settings

Panduru Catalin 2 lat temu • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Fhil Andrei DeLeon 1 miesiąc temu 2
W trakcie analizy

Blur Filter

Jalen burke 2 lat temu • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Fhil Andrei DeLeon 1 miesiąc temu 2

Currently in progress 1


Paint bucket bug

User 413 2 lat temu w Android • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez 林 张 2 miesięcy temu 7

Top rated requested ideas 122


Let me choose which YouTube channel to upload video into

Anonim 3 lat temu • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 3 lat temu 1

Background layer

Ricardo Roehe 3 lat temu • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez NNW 4 tygodni temu 4

Open bugs 584


Can't go back onto animation

Tron Betyouwannaknow 2 lat temu w Android • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez The Fabulous Gamer (Nefret 100 2 lat temu 1

whenever I go off an animation, I can't go back on. And I was in the middle of a really good animation.


The older version was better

Eca 2 lat temu w Android 0

Rotation and Dilation blur?

Pinballwiz60 2 lat temu • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez duanra 2 lat temu 2

Whenever I try to dilate or rotate something from my animation it get a little blurry


Accurate Transform Tool Entry

IanJTurner 2 lat temu • zaktualizowano 2 lat temu 0


I think, as a further improvement to the transform tools, the ability to enter accurate data for resize, move and rotate would be a really useful addition. Perhaps by means of a box enabling both direct data entry and slider operated transforms. I've included a mockup of the sort of thing I was thinking.

This sort of feature can be really handy for animation, allowing for smooth movement and accurate placement of elements.


backup projects

Mina Soliman 2 lat temu w Android 0

I got the latest version, and it's amazing. I could backup my projects, but how can I import them. Is there a work around, or I can add the files manually to some folder ?


How Do I Add Audio To My Animations?

ThatGamer 2 lat temu w Android • Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez G Dragon 2 lat temu 3

I'm trying to make youtube videos and I need to add audio


Uploading Pictures

Why cant I upload pictures onto FlipaClip? Either Im blind or that feature is not available. Its really annoying because I will be working on a picture then I cant even animate them. Thanks for taking this into consideration.



Pinballwiz60 2 lat temu w Android 0

My animation is slowing down on a 24fps. I do 1f-90f because if I do the whole animation it will slow down. In the 2.0.3 it was fine but now it's just bad.