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Sign in problem

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Have accounts

Winkpaw 2 years ago in Android • updated by Sketch Kid 4 months ago 4

Screen Rotation

IanJTurner 3 years ago • updated by cutecutexox 5 months ago 9

Project drawings getting deleted

Luravuu Blackzz 2 years ago in Android • updated by Kofi Stephen 5 days ago 18

Currently in progress 1


Paint bucket bug

User 413 2 years ago in Android • updated by 林 张 2 months ago 7
Under review

Remember draw tools settings states globally across projects

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Morgan Loomis 4 years ago 6

Better brushes

KellyAU’s 4 months ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1


Mikey Underwood 2 years ago in Android • updated by anonymous 2 years ago 3

Add more brushes and brush settings

Panduru Catalin 2 years ago • updated by Fhil Andrei DeLeon 1 month ago 2

Open bugs 584


Movie can't upload to YouTube

Catsune 1 year ago in Android • updated by NNW 1 month ago 2

Can't enter age?

Cat irl 3 months ago in Android • updated by earthworm 2 months ago 0

Premium Features won't work.

Flander The Green Axolotl 4 months ago in Android • updated by Don't Sleep On The Weekends 3 months ago 2


How do I add music like in the competitions?

Serena 1 year ago in Android 0

I know I can apply music when I upload my animation to YouTube, but if I do that, I can't perfectly sync the animation with the beat. How can I apply music in the way that the competitions have it?

Under review

Previous > Now

Miri (Neko Chan) 2 years ago in Android • updated by Jona (Co-Founder & Lead Developer) 1 year ago 1

In the previous update, there was a button to go back to the start, please add that back in.


Add full HD canvas size support

RAVtv Studios 4 years ago • updated by Simon Ehrlich Hammel 4 weeks ago 8
Hi guys all my animation are made in 1080:720 but what about 1920:1080 full HD? And maybe 2K? That would help flipaclip to be the perfect and quick tool for professional animatiors.

So we been working on a new design for the app that will enable us to easily add more options for the canvas.

The reason we haven't added this feature yet is mainly due to limitations on mobile devices CPU/MEM. Making a canvas have more pixels means more CPU required to process each of those pixels thus making the app work slower. So as we improve the app and devices get faster we will add a larger canvas size support. Also, the app design has prevented us from adding this feature.


Export project as sequence of images

Anonymous 4 years ago • updated by Aureoille 3 months ago 19

Great app ! One suggestion. It would be nice to be able to export each frame in jpeg format in the same number of pixels as the animation. Right now you can do gif but it is very small.

Thanks again !
This feature has been added as of v1.4.6. Enjoy! :)

Crashes when trying to save Animat

Dogadian 1 year ago in iOS • updated by pegisiclan 11 months ago 4

  When I save the animation with the new update it doesn’t work. It’ll go through the whole Make a Movie process smoothly but when I click Save Image or Video it crashes. It doesn’t save the picture either. Not sure if I’m the only one struggling but it’s hard to work with,


Stylus pressure sensitivity not working

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by otgunz 11 months ago 8
Great update ! Really ! However there is still a problem that hasn’t been dealt with. The pen pressure sensitivity is still not working as it was mentionned previousely...

Some of the tools in Android are missing pressure sensitivity support. We have this planned to be improved.


Add a Blur/Blend tool, as well as more layers and an improved select tool

Arctic’s Den 4 months ago • updated by CoolcidProd 6 days ago 4

okay, nobody is happier than I am about the recent updates with FlipaClip...

But I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t 100% sure it could be improved.

First thing I’ll address, is layers.

I’m a YouTube animator, and I try to put a ton of quality into animations, but I think more layers are needed for better animating.

For instance. Say I’m animating a cat. If it’s just one, then I could probably be able to get away with just animating one cat; needing one layer for sketching, outlining, color, shading, etc. However if I were animating several cats, like one on top of the other or in front of another from an angle, then I would probably need several layers if they were both moving. If I were just animating them on the same layer then trying to animate the one behind another cat would be frustrating. It might look like that cat just got half of its body cut off or something. But if I had two layers I can animate that layer one at a time and animate the characters one at a time. I’m talking at least 5-10 more layers, since I have sketch layers, lineart, and color that need to be done with separate characters.

As for the blur/blend tool, I think it would be nice just to have something to blur the edges of shading a little bit (like on a separated layer, or just a blend if on the same layer.) So the edges of shadows don’t look so chunky and sharp.

Also, a select tool. Like, to select the inside of lines, or select multiple things inside lines. 

I’ll be random and use a Venn Diagram for example. You’d be able to select one part of the circle, outside or inside the lines, or even be able to select the whole inside of the outline, except what’s outside, even stuff that is separated by lines. It might be easier than the fill bucket, and the weird select tool we have now, although that’s useful for moving things around. It just would be easier to color in the lines that way.

Examples are the blur tool in MediBang Paint, and (I don’t know what it’s called) select tool, also in MediBang. Also, in MediBang, you can select an area, go down to another layer with that area still selected, and color in the outline, but still in a different layer than the outline. (It only selects things inside one outline though in MediBang, so that’s something that could be improved in FlipaClip!)

Thanks for listening to my long list of requests. I just figure this could be something to make the app even better for animators! (After all, it’s my go-to animating system, since it’s not overly complicated.)


Нет доступа к аудиофайлам

seralbert 6 months ago in Android 0

Приобретены все премиум функции, но при попытке добавить аудо выдает ошибку e-205. OS Android 7. Dev Honor 9 lite, Mi5 plus, LeEco x720


Next Animation Contest?

PaintedBleu 1 year ago • updated by nani 0w0 10 months ago 2

When is there going to be another competition? I downloaded flipaclip right on the last day of the  last contest... :,-) Ive always wanted to animate for a contest. :)