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Background layer

Ricardo Roehe 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2


TheOneAnimator 3 weeks ago 0

Currently in progress 2


Add audio/sound/music option

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Dan Dan 1 day ago 118

Paint bucket bug

User 413 7 months ago in Android • updated by chlorosomnia 5 months ago 5

Full HD, seperate layer timing

Malcolm Sutherland 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2
Under review

How to block FlipaClip text?

Ernes Elvira Ibrić 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1

Great App, Feedback, Recommendations, New Features

dredvin17 2 years ago • updated by Neko Lavender1987 2 years ago 2
Under review

Export as set of image sequence on a4 Storyboard ready to print out

Jellybobo 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1
Under review

rotating canvas

zuki 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1

Open bugs 188


How do I paste pictures from my gallery to the slide. (P.S. that's a very useful thing to have)

SaphireAnimates2908 12 months ago in Android 0

I was just wondering because some people are u comfortable with drawing on this app so they choose to draw on another and they cannot even paste it on the slides once they took 3 days to finish it. Which is what I am going through right now and I'm pretty mad cause of that but if you could make it so you can paste photos and stuff from gallery that would be great. (Or if you already do please explain how.) Thank you


flipaclip beta

Alfredos imagination 12 months ago in Android / Beta • updated by Stewart hanington 7 months ago 1

On the beta flipaclip you should remove the thing when you pick tools so it wont be in the way also you should make it horizontally like the other app i have a phone i cant draw vertical


How do you add songs

Margaret 1 year ago in Android 0

iOS flipaclip unlocker

MementoMorii Sama 1 year ago in iOS • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 12 months ago 1
When ever flipaclip comes out on iOS, do I still have to pay for the full version even if I paid for it o android?

Jona (Co-Founder) 12 months ago

Sorry taking this long... The iOS app has in-app purchases you can buy all features for the price of the "Unlocker" or simply purchase the individual feature you want.


I deleted my flipaclip app on accident , and now all my drafts are gone

Pastey Animates 1 year ago • updated by ploneysiles 10 months ago 2

so I deleted my flipaclip , and re-downloaded it and now all my drafts are gone, it would be great if I could some how get them back, or make it to where if you delete the app , all your drafts are still there.


Transformation tool

johnas.kg 1 year ago in Android • updated by Nona 1 year ago 1

The transformation tool could be really amazing if it was in free transform, like Adobe Animate CC.

Under review

Add music via Youtube

apandepanda 1 year ago • updated by arykelvin11 2 weeks ago 5

I think there should be a button where you can go to YouTube and find the music that you want and add it to the animation and you can edit the music with it to make your animation better


Add a smudge tool

Panduru Catalin 1 year ago • updated by Mattixone 2 months ago 3

A smudge tool would make the whole Flipaclip drawing and animating experience more realistic,since in real life you can smudge the colors that you aplied to your canvas(mostly with a watercolor)to give your dawing a more realistic feel.When you smudge something,you spread the color,witch makes it look really nice,especially for realystick drawings.

The smudge tool apears in alot of drawing apps and programs.

The tool should have the following options:

- size

- pressure sensitivity(power variation,which meand ,the harder you press,the more the colors will smudge)

- pressure sensitivity(size variation)