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I can't open my projects! 😭

MysteriousWolfPaw 10 months ago in iOS • updated by Marco Hernandez 2 weeks ago 30

Kindle Video Uploads

Potato Corgi 2 weeks ago 0

I have a glitch

Alexis Mauergregg 2 weeks ago in iOS 0

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Currently in progress 2


Add audio/sound/music option

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Dan Dan 1 day ago 118

Paint bucket bug

User 413 7 months ago in Android • updated by chlorosomnia 5 months ago 5
Under review

Please add a Portuguese version

Thiago Pascoal 6 months ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 6 months ago 1
Under review

My suggestion is please add an audio feature

Llama 7 months ago • updated by Korin (Support) 7 months ago 1
Under review

Make it to where you can mix colors

poop 7 months ago • updated by Korin (Support) 7 months ago 3

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Cant restore purchases - Please help!

Lucena Skye 1 month ago in Android 0

I can’t upload to tumblr anymore

Kjg 1 month ago in iOS 0

dont update without asking

Skyla Bella 1 month ago in Android 0

The eye dropper tool

Piixzee 1 month ago 0

Purchased premium lost

Patrycja Kuta 3 months ago 0

I have purchase premium version all works perfectly but my phone was shutting down due to the battery discharge. Now after phone restart I don't have premium version. Where is my premium licence? What needs to be done for repair this situation? Please help me


Whenever I make a movie and click save it kicks me out if the app?

PERSON WITH NO LIFE 3 months ago in iOS • updated by pegisiclan 4 days ago 2

It’s not the worst bug out there but it’s definitely annoying! I believe someone already mentioned this? But I would like to go into more detail so that it’s possibly easier to sort out. So, when I click make movie (on IOS) it processes then comes up with YouTube, FaceBook, More. I then click more and it shows me more options I can choose from. I often choose ‘Save Video’ so it goes to my camera roll, but instead when I click it it just flashes and goes to my iPad’s home screen? Please fix this! Im sorry if this is a lot to read but I just thought it might make the issue easier to slove. Best of luck!


Movie can't upload to YouTube

Catsune 4 months ago in Android 0

I tried to post a video to YouTube, but it always gives me a notification saying that it failed to post. I click it to try it again(on Chromebook), and it failed again.


How do you change accounts

CloudGamer 5 months ago 0

I have my money on one account and I don't know how to change accounts I hit log out of Facebook and YouTube but it doesn't do anything. Please help fast


How can I put music in my flipaclip

Sakia Alvarado 5 months ago in iOS 0

Video frame choosing

NyanCatpurr AJ 5 months ago in Android 0

I want it to be possible to choose which frames to put videos instead of the beginning! It's really not that easy to make animations with the video at the very beginning each time.


HELLO!! I L💜VE this app btw, but I do have some suggestions Visual Blasters LLC that I really hope you guys would take under consideration and would make happen not only for the sake of me but for everyone else who loves this app and loves to animate on

Jhalin Pittmon 6 months ago in Android 0

So I was wondering can their please be an update where we can ...

1. Import pictures from our galleries into our movies
2. Add sound to our movies
3. And after using the lasso icon and circling the image/item that we drew, along with the options of stretching and rotating can we also be given an option of if we want to clip and save the images that we circled with the lasso into a folder where we can save the images and use the images we circled over again, 

I Really hope you guys make this happen that would be so awesome!! Thanks in advance!!


My transparent bg button keeps dissapearing! Help please!!

Yoongi 7 months ago in Android 0

so i just bought the full version yesterday and i noticed a glitch. Everytime i go to "make movie" i can see the transparent bg button for a split second and then it just dissapears!! I really need it please help me :"(


Transparent background button disappearing

jamiebbop1 7 months ago in Android • updated by Arina Georgiou 4 months ago 2

i open up the menu to make it transparent and the button disappears.