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How do i edit my flipaclip animation with KineMaster?

kamartely 2 years ago 0

I don't know how since this is going to be my first animation meme and I don't know how to use the timeline to edit my animation to make it more longer. Should I get a better editing app or stay with KineMaster?


How do I insert music on iOS

raelincollins1 2 years ago in iOS • updated by Korin (Support) 2 years ago 1
Korin (Support) 2 years ago

Hey aelincollins1. At the moment, FlipaClip does not have any options for putting audio into animations for IOS or Android. The FlipaClip development team is working to have this out for you guys soon, so stay tuned for more updates!


Bug Report on v.2.10 update (3 issues encountered)

Arc 2 years ago in Android / Beta 0

Hi Flipaclip! Beta Tester here.

First of all good day! 

Here's the info about my device:
Android v.4.1.1

(Yeah my device is old but it's still punching grandpa LoL)

Anyway, I've heard there's a new update about the app so I had updated it few days ago.
I encountered some issues for the v.2.10.

Here's what happened.

[1st issue]
So the first thing that popped-up on the screen was that 'the FlipaClip unlocker is outdated'. I clicked on update and found out that it doesn't appear on Google Play anymore. Just showing "item not found"

Since I couldn't find any solution for it I continued on checking what's new.

I tried the new "add video" feature and I got to say it will be a great help for us animators! 

But my first try on the new feature encountered a bug.

[2nd issue]
I tried importing a 12sec video from my SD card. FlipaClip read the file and even played it before importing.

After the "import was successful" I found out that the frames from the video didn't register on the project. It just showed blank frames. 

I kept doing it a couple of times and tried different videos(even format e.g; mp4, mkv, 3gp) but it still fails.

Then again I can't do anything else for it to be fixed so I just continued on my project.

[3rd issue]
When I was drawing, I went to the layering feature and tapped the “+” icon. It brought me to the 'buy the premium version'. I saw the features 'purchase tab' available again(like it was not purchased before).

Is it now that the unlocker is 'useless'?

I'm also wondering how the import and export works for sharing between devices now.

Just an example, if I had the unlocker in on device1 and try to share my projects to device2(which doesn't have an unlocker) is it that my projects can't be imported.

Now that the unlocker is having issues like "update item not found" or "buy it again"(which is confusing) there's no way to share between devices.


That's all I've encountered for the v.2.10.

So far it's a great app and I've heard many positive reactions for the update.

I've even watched the new feature on social media and found it interesting. Can't wait to try it on the next update including the add audio feature (well hopefully). LoL

I'm willing to wait for the fixes so there's no rushing okay. I understand how working on fixes are complicated so yeah hehehe.

I hope you guys resolve this issue. It's not just for me but for others also.

Anyway, More Power, Stay Determined and Do awesome!

Android Beta Tester


Transparent background for movies?

Chloe Bacala 2 years ago in Android 0

the title speaks for itself


Can you add the insert image option

Islam hatem 2 years ago in iOS 0

the insert image option is really important if you add it it'll make animating easier aLOT


Cómo puedo se pone el código de premium de los que participaron? D:

Belechan123 2 years ago in Android • updated 2 years ago 0