Your comments

What do you mean?

If you mean audio clips what is the point just search the internet and load them into it(once the audio feature is in of course).I don't think Flipaclips is the type of app to have 'frills' it needs to stay no nonsense practical app and not turn into a gimmicky app,there are lots already out there.Adding unneccesary audio files will also increase the installation size and take up more space.

I should think for people who payed for the app and limited for those who haven't,that would be my guess.

I was sure I replied to this before.Anyway I do like the idea of custom toolbar for frequent use tools.Infinite Paint has this feature which you basically go to a page of tools,click and hold and then drag to the toolbar area.Once you have done this the tools stay there for everytime you run the app(in it's early implementation you had to do it every time but they fixed that).

Also OT, scrollable tool bars can be handy as long as there is a good indicator that it does scroll (some apps I have accidently discovered the toolbar scrolled).

You can just copy and then position the image on another frame using the lasso tool on the toolbar other than that what is really needed is a way to load an image into a frame not just as a background.

Yes it does seem strange that video can be imported but not images.You can load in an image for a background but that is stuck for the whole video.

Rereading this I think you meant something like this which as you can see you could just use a seperate app and then load into Flipaclip

Was going to suggest something similar to this.My idea is to have the ability to pick and choose what goes on a menu and what is a button.'Infinite Painter' has a huge page of tools but you can drag the tools you want most frequent onto a tool bar at the top and this is saved so that they are there each time you open the app.Flipaclip because it has fewer tools could just have them in a setting menu or something where there is a tick box for where you want the tool to be.Not exactly the same thing but still about making things more quickly accessible.

I don't think it belongs in this app it goes outside it's specialty of frame by frame.I like both types of animation but I think it's better to have seperate apps as then they can specialise.You could always import from a tween based app into Flipaclip and use the layers to work on it or vica versa.

I just think the app will just get clunky trying to be jack of all trades.

Animation Pro on the Ipad is pretty good if you want tweening.It also supports loading in videos so you could easily use them together.Its a shame it's not available on the Android owning a Galaxy note(stylus makes things so much easier).

Audio is definitly a good feature to add but I am hoping the developer maintains its ease of use.It's strongest draw is that it has just the right feature and done in a way that is simple and not clunky.