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A nice idea, but I guess this is over and on top.

For now, we don’t even have the basic feature, nor a realistic announcement of what to expect..


Any chance you would be kind enough to let us know ?

music themes makes no sense.

Adding music or sounds so that the user may animate in sync with that audio is wha we need.

A featured promised for years now and still we got nothing.

Not even a decent and honest announcement...


Respect us as customers and at least let us know what one should realistically expect 

So, time passed, a new year came, nothing related to sound feature even mentioned.

I would expect at least a decent and honest announcement from the developers of what the case is and what to expect.

@Jona ?

I really hope I am wrong here...

...but yes...

time will tell...


I don’t want to continue this.

We agree that FlipaClip is great, that is why we are here talking anyway.

This does not underestimate the fact that a feature promised for years is not yet available. 

I just moan myself out loud, not to have to wait for eternity before this feature arrives...

And excuse me to say, the cost does not say anything here. They could just provide this as an add on feature. The price range even has nothing to do with it. A market that spreads over the world, is capable of multiplying that small cost to quite big numbers as you may guess... after all this is how Apple store’s philosophy works right?

In any case, as said, I really don’t feel like continuing this discussion.

I just don’t feel comfortable into waiting for more years for such a feature.

I would expect as a customer, a decent announcement that would at least define the expectations accordingly.

This hasn’t happened after so many years and marketing wize, sorry to say, this expectation was wrongly handled and announced till far.

Hopefully an updated official response would define our expectations realistically...


You are wrong mate!I

I am really excited with FlipaClip app already as is.

Still this doesn’t mean that I am not disappointed that sound feature is not yet even in beta stage for testing.

That said, I certainly understand setbacks and delays, but I am quite worried for the fact that this feature is years old under development and we still have no clue as to fill when should we really wait for it.

I wish developers and @Jona was much more open here, and give as a realistic roadmap of what and when should we expect it to happen. 

To me, the question is wether this feature would EVER be available at all!

It was promised years ago and still we haven’t even tested it!

@Jona, promised to be available by Christmas, and still nothing!

I really hope this isn’t just simply a joke and we will eventually see this feature coming.

Until then, I am really dissapointed...


I haven’t received any invitation yet.

Considering the fact , that as you told us , we should expect this feature before Christmas, when should you release it in testflight for testing?

Yes on, iOs11.1b5 (latest public beta) on iPad 12 1st gen.

Just sent you an email as requested.

I am looking forward to receiving your reply.


THANK you for your reply! MUCH appreciated!

The work that has been put into FlipaClip app is respected and that was the reason why it caught our attention in the very first place.

I guess Christmas is near and I really hope you catch this deadline as that would be the perfect gift for your userbase!

In any case, if you need any hard core beta testers through testflight or so, PLEASE consider me in! I am already hooked with the app and I would do my best to help you push the limits to the maximum.

I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Best regards!