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Anonymous 2 years ago • updated by duanra 11 months ago 6
Great update ! Really ! However there is still a problem that hasn’t been dealt with. The pen pressure sensitivity is still not working as it was mentionned previousely...
Under review
Hey, thanks for the feedback. What device do you have and what draw tool brush are you using?
A note pro, and i am using the little marker, the first tool to the left.
the pressure sensitivity works from the size 1 and bigger but smaller than 1 it doesn't work.

Thanks for the details. We'll look into it.


This is still not working on my Cintiq Companion Hybrid, running android 4.2


Thanks for the provided info. Can you try going into FlipaClip settings and set the draw input to only Stylus? I want to verify the stylus would still draw with this setting and touch drawing would not draw. Thanks!

i did that, and it does what it supposed to do. The stylus draws but not the finger.