I can't use the code for the premium version!

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(I'm posting this again since the other post had a weird title and seems i can't change it)

um, hi. 

Yeah, I wanted to ask.. how do I use the flipaclip Contest code? (Yeah, I got the email)

But- I mean... where exactly do I write it so it can allow me to use the premium version?

(I'm sorry if the answer is too obvious... I'm just confused.)

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Hello there! Congratulations on the premium code! Kindly check this help article link for the detailed steps on how you can use the premium code. Please click on this link https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/3422659?hl=en. Hope this helps!

wooo! Thanks!

Wait.. isn't it for google play? 

What about the App Store? I'm using an IOS device. 

Update: I tried redeeming the code in the App Store, but it isn't valid.

What do I do?