Add audio/sound/music option

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Can you guys make it to where you can add audio/sounds/music to movies?



We are actively working on it. Our goal was to release much earlier this year but we got delayed due to other important features and bug fixes that needed to happen on the app. We are a tiny team so it's hard.

We are now in the process implementing the different areas of the audio feature. We are attempting to create a very well polished audio feature for all you to enjoy. It is very hard trying to make things very simple without going all professional and making things difficult to use.

We must release before Christmas one way or another!

I do realize this post was originally from 3 years ago. But man feels like it was yesterday! :/

Thanks guys for your support and for your patience. You don't know how much we appreciate it!

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ok ok i have seen a video in the new flipaclip WITH AUDIO ON IT AND YOU ARE NOT TELLING US


No dude they probably are really good at syncing they haven added it yet

Either that or they entered the contest


I think they mean they want to animate along with the song they chose, so they could animate, say lipsyncing, better and create a music video etc


is the add audio already up yet ?

if not when will it be ;v; ?

I need it

it will be Available for all devices, I believe--


Any update on the audio stuffs yet? Im so sorry if this sounds like im rushing. 


I have a hopeful idea on how to add sound? Maybe put in a link of a specific YouTube video and that audio would be used in the cartoon! :3 good luck!

still no any update from the sounds... Sad

I have noticed it's been about months since this feature was planned for, maybe we can just be patient? Just like in a video game, art apps also take a long time to update. 

But it would be nice to have a sound option soon- xD 

yahh as we all know that flipaclip is the number animator on android and it will be more great with a sound feature ,no cartoons are fun with out sound it will make the job easier for animators


Hey guys! Here is a status update:

The super hard and complicated programing code for audio has been completed and it is working beautifully! We are in the process of putting it all together to make it work. We are about 60% completed and if no setbacks we should have a beta released on iOS and Android by early September. Thanks for being so awesome and patient! :P


Should we expect in in early 2018?

So it's early september....... 


Unfortunately, still working on it... Soon we will release some info :)


Glad you guys are working on this, it doesn't matter if it comes out late, we're just happy that you're making it in general as it is a highly requested feature. Keep it up you guys, can't wait to see the new feature out soon!


tbh flipaclip is doing its best on getting audio we have seen it on the one of us contest and the best first one! so if any i hope its EXACTLY like that! it was amazing and it would be cool to just put the audio from ur downloads music etc! it would be much more easier lol heh i got a virus trying to edit a flipaclip video XD it sucks but SOON it will come out and it would be the best update EVER

but if any when will u get the release date post it on insta or yt! :D


I’ve been looking for an animation app with professional potential for many years. I’ve paid for and tested every app that seemed promising, but none do the trick. You all have the closet thing to a useful tool for professional work. I use Harmony as a rule, but this app basically turns an iPad Pro into an animation disk. I await the audio implementation, crossing my fingers on this one. 


the most useful feature would be audio that scrubs with the picture. That’s the sweet spot. Audio implementations in the other animation apps are not real useful to an animator.


I can't wait for this to be released because I want there to be music in my animations but I hate that apps always ask for Apple Music songs because even though I have IOS/Apple I don't use Apple Music. It's really annoying.

me : I should be patient, they are working on it very hard I am sure. they should take the time to fine tune things.

also me : *Sings hysteria by muse*

soooo...you guys have an update :D ?

Hopefully you guys get it done soon :3

XD cuz I need this feature 

I will definitely use the app more I it has an audio feature


Lol, i know we can't wait for the feature, but at least we know their working it 😉

The app is very incredible as it is! 

We're patience, flipaclip! We can wait.


Being able to import audio into FlipaClip app is simply ESSENTIAL in order to be able to sync animation frames with audio.

PLEASE KEEP US POSTED regarding this feature

How close are we ? Give as approximately a release date!

as a 43 year veteran of animation I find audio scrubbing to be the limiting factor for an animator in all of the other animation apps. This app really has promise for professional use cases. The frame rate determines the segmenting of the audio track into discrete playback chunks (scrubbing), it can sound bad, no matter as long as you can establish a reference for sync. 

Playback at speed is the simple part. What you emulate with audio scrubbing is the same technique used for the past 80 years throughout the industry.

I use and teach Toonboom’s Harmony, and I would integrate this app into the production process in a heartbeat with audio sync and scrubbing.

Thanks Rog for providing great input about this. Would love to have as a beta tester for when we release our first audio feature.


Adding an audio feature will change my life and probably rejuvenate my motivation to animate! Lately I have been really busy so I don't have time to animate and to keep on checking back and forth if the audio matches up. (It takes a lot of time and adding that makes it worse)I guess the beta was delayed by something. Still waiting and being patient. I can't wait!!


Audio is definitly a good feature to add but I am hoping the developer maintains its ease of use.It's strongest draw is that it has just the right feature and done in a way that is simple and not clunky.



According to the following video, it seems that you already provided the audio implementation during a special contest.

Seems to have been fine working and implemented from the following video...

WHY don't you let us have that feature now ?

Why do we have to wait so long if already implemented?

The promised September date has already passed. How long more?

PLEASE give us at least a realistic release date!



Everyone needs to calm down with all these comments trying to rush the flipaclip team, coding is difficult and takes time and any little thing/ mistake can mess up a long time of work. I would rather have a working feature than something that has just been rushed out to make people happy, and I understand people are using the example of the contests as "proof" the audio feature already works.. yes it worked when the creators who wrote the app let us download a template with frozen audio.. we were not able to do anything with the audio, like move it or add other audio it was stuck in place unable to touch, we could only mute it.. so it's not exactly a fully usable feature yet. We will get the feature when it's ready to be released, so just listen to the creators previous responses (clearly you can read, you have eyes.. use them.), they will inform us when they have more information that is worth giving.. otherwise they will just keep telling you the same thing. So please just be patient, we are given the app for free (small cost for premium), it's great how it is so far and as time goes on it will get better. Let them do their jobs without all this extra pressure, they are people. Thanks.


Understood and respected.

Still an approximately -but still reliable- at least release date specially when @Jona already informed us that most work has been already done, is the announcement we really need.

Having us wait, for something that has been promised 3 years ago, is a little bit worrying.

What would really appreciate from developers is let us know wether this wait lasts in how many days/months/years to come. 

As said before, give as a approximate but still reliable release date to look forward to.

Without it, we are just left to wishful thinking and dreaming which is not effective...


Your response to this is very much appreciated!


We are actively working on it. Our goal was to release much earlier this year but we got delayed due to other important features and bug fixes that needed to happen on the app. We are a tiny team so it's hard.

We are now in the process implementing the different areas of the audio feature. We are attempting to create a very well polished audio feature for all you to enjoy. It is very hard trying to make things very simple without going all professional and making things difficult to use.

We must release before Christmas one way or another!

I do realize this post was originally from 3 years ago. But man feels like it was yesterday! :/

Thanks guys for your support and for your patience. You don't know how much we appreciate it!



THANK you for your reply! MUCH appreciated!

The work that has been put into FlipaClip app is respected and that was the reason why it caught our attention in the very first place.

I guess Christmas is near and I really hope you catch this deadline as that would be the perfect gift for your userbase!

In any case, if you need any hard core beta testers through testflight or so, PLEASE consider me in! I am already hooked with the app and I would do my best to help you push the limits to the maximum.

I am looking forward to receiving your reply.

Best regards!


We definitely need beta testers! Are you on iOS or Android? If iOS send me your Apple account email so we add you. Send email to flipaclip@visualblasters.com mentioning to be added as beta tester and a link to this forum post.

I’d love to a be a beta tester too! I really have waited so long for this! I’d like to help.



I would like to be a beta tester as well, already am on the play store. My device is an android


Yes on, iOs11.1b5 (latest public beta) on iPad 12 1st gen.

Just sent you an email as requested.

I am looking forward to receiving your reply.


I haven’t received any invitation yet.

Considering the fact , that as you told us , we should expect this feature before Christmas, when should you release it in testflight for testing?


@Jona: I too sent a request to be a part of beta testing. Any updates you can give us?




Will this option be free for everyone to use?

I should think for people who payed for the app and limited for those who haven't,that would be my guess.


To me, the question is wether this feature would EVER be available at all!

It was promised years ago and still we haven’t even tested it!

@Jona, promised to be available by Christmas, and still nothing!

I really hope this isn’t just simply a joke and we will eventually see this feature coming.

Until then, I am really dissapointed...


You keep going on at the creators isn't going to make the update come out quicker, as they have said they are still working on the feature and have had some issues so they were delayed. They never guaranteed an actual date they said "if no setbacks we should have a beta released on iOS and Android by early September".. guess what, they had setbacks. 

Writing code takes time and is hard work, I'm sure they all are extremely stressed especially with people such as yourself pressuring them to release a half finished update. Imagine how much backlash they would get and how "really disappointed" You would be if the feature didn't work well when it finally does come out, they need the time to make sure the app is working properly and the edges are trimmed.. When they are happy with the audio feature then they will release it.

@Jona you and all the team have done a brilliant job so far with the Flipaclip app, I'm excited for what's to come and am happily waiting patiently for the next update to the app as I know that you're trying your best with such a small team. Unlike some of the louder more persistent people on here, the silent majority arent dissapointed or want you to feel rushed in anyway. Please know that just because certain features haven't been released yet, you are not going to lose extreme amounts of customers, we are happy to wait so the features can be refined. Lastly I apologise for all the people giving you hassle, hopefully this doesn't represent to you who your apps fan base is made up of.. most of us are nice, please don't be discouraged.



You are wrong mate!I

I am really excited with FlipaClip app already as is.

Still this doesn’t mean that I am not disappointed that sound feature is not yet even in beta stage for testing.

That said, I certainly understand setbacks and delays, but I am quite worried for the fact that this feature is years old under development and we still have no clue as to fill when should we really wait for it.

I wish developers and @Jona was much more open here, and give as a realistic roadmap of what and when should we expect it to happen. 


I don't see what there is to be wrong about? I'm just saying that every time you complain to @Jona, it's not helping.. it won't speed up the process in anyway! 

I'm excited for the update, I have been waiting just like everyone else has.. but just give them a chance to finish the feature. You wrote to say "@Jona, promised to be available by Christmas" ..well it's not christmas yet, so I don't see why you didn't at least wait until after before you decided to have a moan again?

Also they haven't been working on this one feature the whole time, they have had tonnes of updates inbetween which they had prioritised before the release of the audio. And I don't see what you have to be worried about? They are a small team, they are working on the feature and they are just running behind.. I don't see why you have to be so overdramatic, it's an app.. it cost 2.99 for the premium features, if you are looking for industry standard animation software then you're looking in the wrong place.. And the wrong price range.


I don’t want to continue this.

We agree that FlipaClip is great, that is why we are here talking anyway.

This does not underestimate the fact that a feature promised for years is not yet available. 

I just moan myself out loud, not to have to wait for eternity before this feature arrives...

And excuse me to say, the cost does not say anything here. They could just provide this as an add on feature. The price range even has nothing to do with it. A market that spreads over the world, is capable of multiplying that small cost to quite big numbers as you may guess... after all this is how Apple store’s philosophy works right?

In any case, as said, I really don’t feel like continuing this discussion.

I just don’t feel comfortable into waiting for more years for such a feature.

I would expect as a customer, a decent announcement that would at least define the expectations accordingly.

This hasn’t happened after so many years and marketing wize, sorry to say, this expectation was wrongly handled and announced till far.

Hopefully an updated official response would define our expectations realistically...

I agree I don't see the point in continuing this discussion, we both have our own opinions clearly. Obviously it's completely down to you but I just please ask that you just wait until after Christmas before writing to them again, they might surprise you. Thanks.

I really hope I am wrong here...

...but yes...

time will tell...


Just checking in cut there hasn't been any update


now it is the 28th of December (3 days after 2017 Christmas) no update for audio/sound yet, but hopefully soon!

It might come at the end of the year :3


i will like to be a beta tester for the audio feature please :3 (p.s. i have an android (google play) 

How about adding music memes?

What do you mean?

If you mean audio clips what is the point just search the internet and load them into it(once the audio feature is in of course).I don't think Flipaclips is the type of app to have 'frills' it needs to stay no nonsense practical app and not turn into a gimmicky app,there are lots already out there.Adding unneccesary audio files will also increase the installation size and take up more space.


music themes makes no sense.

Adding music or sounds so that the user may animate in sync with that audio is wha we need.

A featured promised for years now and still we got nothing.

Not even a decent and honest announcement...


Respect us as customers and at least let us know what one should realistically expect 


hi there! I wanted to know how its going with the audio atm. I have 3 songs i would love to animate. I wanted to ask, will i be able to use my google play music? Any i am super excited for the feature! Hope all is going well! Si far with the comeback contest it seems great! I can find where a certain line starts and ends! Super excited!

I’m in the beta, but don’t see anything different with the app - particularly with audio. Hoping something updates soon so we can help move this feature forward. An update would be nice - even if it’s to say you’re still working on it.


So, time passed, a new year came, nothing related to sound feature even mentioned.

I would expect at least a decent and honest announcement from the developers of what the case is and what to expect.

@Jona ?


When you add audio can you make one of the options to be able to put in a link from a YouTube video and use the audio from that video?


A nice idea, but I guess this is over and on top.

For now, we don’t even have the basic feature, nor a realistic announcement of what to expect..


Any chance you would be kind enough to let us know ?

I like the comment if every day like me if there is a message from @jona or if you will see if it was updated, or if you are upset because they lied to us

any update on the audio feature? Also I’m probably too late on this but I would love to be a beta tester! I’ve been invested in this app for years and would love to help it any way I can :). No rush btw! Just wanna see how’s it going.


It is now January 14, 2018, and the audio feature still hasn’t been added. This is quite worrying, seeing that I’ve gotten the app to animate, and the inability to add audio is a major setback. It’s been years. I’m definitely not a programmer, so I’m not sure how long actual coding takes, but three years does seem a little distressing doesn’t it? I do realize that you are working in a small team, possibly with very limited time, but adding one feature probably should not take as long as it is. You gave the date of September, and then you gave the date of before the Holidays. We have passed both of those dates now, and we haven’t gotten a message yet.