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Signing out of your google account

GalaxyNoon 6 months ago in Android • updated by User 413 6 months ago 1

How do you get sound?

Tilan 6 months ago 0

Currently in progress 2


Add audio/sound/music option

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Hira 1 day ago 82

Paint bucket bug

User 413 5 months ago in Android • updated by chlorosomnia 3 months ago 5
Under review

Blend tool

Girl foxy 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1

Unfill tool

Patrick Hawkey 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 3

add a voice recorder so we can do sound

Anonymous 2 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 2 years ago 2
Under review

Frame manager deselect all/undo button

Anonymous 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1

Transport Controls and Flipping

IanJTurner 3 years ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 3 years ago 2

Open bugs 143


How to copy and paste

mkalerfla 1 month ago 0

I am wondering if there’s a way to copy and paste?  

Under review

Flipaclip won't save progress or delete projects

Werewolves Rock aj 1 month ago in iOS • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 1 month ago 1

so I was trying to animate something and I messed up on it and since the undo button wasn't working I had to redo it. And to make sure it was saved I exited the project, but it saved nothing. I tried to delete some other projects to see if that would help, but it won't let me and says Error E-74. I don't know what the problem is, but flipaclip seems to not want to cooperate ;-;


Deleted frames

ophelia1224 2 months ago • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 2 months ago 4

I was animating and I had 597frames then I left the animation left the app and watched a short video when I came back all that was left on my animation was nine blank frames. Is there a way I could get 6 weeks worth of frames back? If so, how?


How do i add MUSIC??

FunnyFox Guru 2 months ago 0

Es padre pero cuando quieras uvero hacer otro proyecto no puedo

Kika 2 months ago in iOS 0

aggggg bugeado