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How to export a animation

Uday 3 weeks ago 0

Popular topics 904


duration of a single frame

PEBBLE 5 months ago in iOS / Beta • updated by IanJTurner 5 months ago 1
Under review

Please add this feature

Arc 6 months ago in Android • updated by Korin (Support) 6 months ago 1

Currently in progress 2


Add audio/sound/music option

Anonymous 3 years ago • updated by Hira 1 day ago 82

Paint bucket bug

User 413 5 months ago in Android • updated by chlorosomnia 3 months ago 5

Full HD, seperate layer timing

Malcolm Sutherland 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2
Under review

How to block FlipaClip text?

Ernes Elvira Ibrić 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1

Great App, Feedback, Recommendations, New Features

dredvin17 2 years ago • updated by Neko Lavender1987 1 year ago 2
Under review

Export as set of image sequence on a4 Storyboard ready to print out

Jellybobo 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1
Under review

rotating canvas

zuki 2 years ago • updated by Ralph (Support) 2 years ago 1

Open bugs 143

Under review

Onion tool not working

Kittionix YT 6 months ago in Android • updated by Jona (Co-Founder) 6 months ago 2

Bug with deleted animation

Wiktoria Kikaś 6 months ago in Android • updated 6 months ago 1

Adonit pixel support

Islam hatem 6 months ago in iOS 0

Everything is gone.

chicx3456 6 months ago in Android 0

Do you know if the audio adder is being worked on now or when itll be done?

VixxTheWolf 3 weeks ago in iOS • updated by Moshi Moshi 3 weeks ago 1

im a really unpatient kid and was wondering if the update is coming or when it is can i get a answer?


My flip a clip deletes my whole entire work

darwishmadison 3 weeks ago 0

why why why I spent a whole 3 hours doing this then I don’t even know what happened to my video it was 42 FRICIKIN SLIDES MAN 42!!!!!



Sam 4 weeks ago in iOS 0

We have been waiting for audio for the ios version forever! I love the program but i want audio support


Como colocó música? <;,V

Aiko<3 4 weeks ago 0

Whenever I make a movie and click save it kicks me out if the app?

PERSON WITH NO LIFE 1 month ago in iOS • updated 1 month ago 1

It’s not the worst bug out there but it’s definitely annoying! I believe someone already mentioned this? But I would like to go into more detail so that it’s possibly easier to sort out. So, when I click make movie (on IOS) it processes then comes up with YouTube, FaceBook, More. I then click more and it shows me more options I can choose from. I often choose ‘Save Video’ so it goes to my camera roll, but instead when I click it it just flashes and goes to my iPad’s home screen? Please fix this! Im sorry if this is a lot to read but I just thought it might make the issue easier to slove. Best of luck!


Paint bucket issue

Pinballwiz60 1 month ago in Android 0

Whenever I use a paint bucket on my drawings it leaves white spots at the edge of what im drawing. Can you please fix it?